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Newborn Lifestyle Portraits: Ashraff & Sabrina

A baby can only be tiny once. As a mother to two children, I am fully aware how quickly they grow and how fast they become heavy! And once they start running and talking, we begin to miss those days when they were really really small. So small you can hold him in one hand. Effortlessly. (except if you are a first time parent, you probably are more careful and afraid of breaking this tiny little being!)

I had a good time with Ashraff and Sabrina recently, photographing their newborn baby Mikhail and toddler Marissa. It was like a fashion show with the kids but so much fun! We even squeezed in some time with their little pet that resembled Pikachu. So much love in this family set!


A Day in the Life: Larry & Christina

I got to know Christina through my involvement with ibu, and when I conducted a photography workshop there, she was one of the mothers who attended. Christina and her husband Larry have been living in Malaysia for a few years now, but the time has come to end that season here and return to Australia. But not without leaving with great memories, since their little son Jamie was made in Malaysia!

So I was invited to their home to capture a snippet of a day in the life of their family, amidst the ‘mess’ of packing. Since Christina’s a voice actor, you can imagine how wonderful the session went, with fun storytelling sessions coupled with dancing moves. I am glad that Christina and Larry are just so comfortable being themselves in front of the camera (with no make up and messy hair haha).

Jamie was hilarious. He showed me his fun, extroverted character and warmed to me easily. It has been a pleasure getting to know you, Christina, and I wish you all the best in this new phase of life!


Highlights: Family Portraits 2015

Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.” ~ Robert Brault

Each of us only has 24 hours in a day. When I first started my business, I was grateful for the extra ‘time’ that I could have for myself, and then when I had kids, I wondered where all that time went! Each day, I am surrounded by news of disaster, and how easy it is to lose someone you love. Ironically, when I have time with my kids, I just wish they would fall asleep faster, and when I am away shooting a wedding at a beautiful destination, I wish I could be back with them.

I also want to do more in life, but when I have time on my hands, I just want to laze and not do anything.

Such is the irony of life. And then, before you know it, time just slips through your fingers and then a week passes by, and then a month, and a year. Just recently, on Sunday, I sat down with my husband Alex at a random cafe in PJ to talk about life (without the kids!). It felt like a breath of fresh air. We ordered fries, tea and coffee, then flipped our mac screen open to look at our February calendar and intentionally planned date nights, family nights with the kids, swimming sessions etc! We left that cafe a little more rejuvenated, and a bit more focused with what we wanted to achieve in our life as a family.

So, as a pause… here’s a little compilation we did of some of the 101 families we photographed last year. We hope you will take a moment to cherish your family today.

Photography by Grace, Diane, Jamie & Weiming


Christmas 2015 Lifestyle Portrait Promo

Christmas is just around the corner, and we can’t wait to blast Christmas music in the studio, and wear reindeer ears! For my daughter who is turning 3, it’s also a reminder that her birthday is coming up (2 weeks short of Christmas!). We’re bringing back last year’s Christmas promotion for all our lifestyle portrait shoots.

Book any one hour family portrait session, photograph it this November, and get a set of customised Christmas postcards for free! (But hurry, because there are limited weekend slots!)

OR… if you are looking for an early Christmas gift for a friend, how about purchasing a half hour studio session for him/her? Usual rate is RM400 but it is now at a discounted rate of RM300. GST charges apply. Purchase the gift pack here.

Contact us to make a booking for other sessions.

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Oh those smiles! John and Jasmine’s family portraits

Last December, I photographed Jonas when he was just a few minutes old. I was supposed to be involved in an exciting moment… to photograph Jonas as he was born, but unfortunately, due to some drama, I arrived at the hospital a few minutes too late. :( After he was born, I found out that he had some lazy eye complications and had to wear a patch for many months as a young baby. It was not an easy phase to go through, but Jonas roughed it out (much to the heartache of his parents who had to see him suffer).

Now, I am glad to see him as a happy, smiley baby, all grown up and pudgy!

20150710_FAMILYPORTRAITS_JOHN_JASMINE_005 20150710_FAMILYPORTRAITS_JOHN_JASMINE_007Can you see the faint rainbow behind this photo? :) What a lovely sight!

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