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Carcosa Engagement: Edwin & Dawn

The sun shone so beautifully that morning, as if God was smiling down upon Edwin & Dawn. The birds chirped along to Dawn’s humming. She was radiant that morning, in anticipation of her engagement ceremony to Edwin. It was a really small and intimate event with family and friends. Carcosa glowed in the morning sun and the clouds were so magnificent!

The sun peeking out from the clouds made Carcosa glow in warmth. The colour is so amazing! That is why I love early morning shoots, because of this kind of light. We hardly did any post processing on this shot.

Before we headed out into the beautiful garden of Carcosa, there was a heartfelt praise & worship session in the function room of Carcosa, followed by good & sound advice from Dr Herbert Tan who gave insights about marriage.

After the singing and preaching, the guests trooped out into the garden for the exchange of engagement rings.

Their two doggies who have been waiting patiently for the outdoor ceremony to start were then brought to the garden to witness the event. :)


And then brunch! Since it was close to Father’s Day, Dawn & Edwin celebrated their fathers by bringing out a cake.

Followed by their appreciation of their mothers. I didn’t understand what Dawn was saying in Hokkien but their expressions say it all.

Dawn and Edwin gave their thanks to God and family, and it was such an emotional time. It was my pleasure being there to photograph the both of you and witnessing such a meaningful ceremony. Congratulations on your engagement!

Garden wedding at Shangri-La’s Rasa Sayang, Penang: Greta & Mohit (part2)

Garden Ceremony & Dinner Reception: Shangri-La’s Rasa Sayang Resort, Penang, Malaysia
Photographers: Grace & Johan
Videographer: Wedding Story

View part 1 of the wedding.

While the rest of the guests were getting ready for the dinner reception, the bridal party together with Mo and Greta were out on the beach having some fun!

Johan took this shot below while I was shooting from another angle…

Mo wanted a shot of Greta in her veil, so we quickly hooked it on, and got this shot… I love the detail on her veil!

A lot of things in this wedding are themed red. Like the tables and chairs in this ballroom.

And so, it only made sense to take the ring shots against something red!

The cake at the dinner reception varies in colour depending on the lighting at that time.

I can’t help photographing kids. They have this look that demands to be photographed!

Find the official photographer. Hehe…

Not only were the speeches good, the dancing was pretty awesome too!

Johan took this cool dancing shot (below) with off camera flash. It was really dark while the dancing was happening, so we utilized flash, video light, and high ISO on the cameras! Thank God for 6400 ISO setting on my 5D Mark2. :)

I had a great time at your wedding, Mo & Greta. Thanks for your confidence in my team even though you only met me on your wedding day for the first time! Wishing you years and years of happiness together!

Garden wedding at Shangri-La’s Rasa Sayang, Penang: Greta & Mohit (part1)

Garden Ceremony & Dinner Reception: Shangri-La’s Rasa Sayang Resort, Penang, Malaysia
Photographers: Grace & Johan
Videographer: Wedding Story

Months ago, I received an enquiry from Greta, who resides in the UK. We exchanged a couple of emails, and then she booked us to cover her wedding. I met Greta for the first time on her wedding day, but the moment I started talking to her, it felt as if we have known each other for months. She is really bubbly and fun, and I found out that she used to go to the same primary school as I did, in Malacca! The similarities end there, however… since I don’t have a black belt in martial arts, as Greta does!

Mohit is more subdued, but he enjoys things like climbing mountains and diving. Their family and friends flew from UK, Australia and many other parts of the world to be in Penang for their wedding ceremony.

Greta’s wedding dress is really unique. I love the detail on her gown.

And her wedding invite is superb too! Red is one of my favourite colours.

And of course, Greta looks really amazing!

Of course, Mohit looks pretty good himself!

The gorgeous bridal party.

I loooove garden & beach weddings. The garden at Rasa Sayang Resort combines the best of both worlds – you can have a garden ceremony and portraits by the beach!

More images coming up soon in Part 2! [updated: View part 2 here]

Sam & Caryn’s Garden Wedding

Sam & Caryn exude a warmth that makes it hard not to like them. Even from the moment I got to know them, they treated me like an old time friend. Caryn loves to laugh, and she has an amazing smile. They have such attention to detail, I love every bit of the deco they created for their wedding! Mark was so awed by the beauty of their garden wedding that he told me, “I’m seriously considering a garden wedding now!” It was a pleasure photographing their wedding.



20091003_wedding_sam_caryn_0157 20091003_wedding_sam_caryn_0168

20091003_wedding_sam_caryn_0884 20091003_wedding_sam_caryn_0925

Look at their deco! Everything was so well thought out.


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Albert & Michelle, Garden Wedding at Cyberview Lodge, Part2

In any outdoor wedding, there is some sort of anxiety about how the weather will turn out. Will it rain? Will it be too hot? Will there be a breeze? But for Albert & Michelle’s wedding, it was just… perfect. The sun was up, but it wasn’t scorching. Makes for lovely light!


The theme was purple, white and silver.


I love the way these rose petals sat in Albert & Michelle’s wedding invite.




Albert sang as Michelle walked down the aisle. So lovely!


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