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Hindu Wedding & Zebra Square Reception: Jonas & Yashoda

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A perfect blend of two very different cultures. Two individuals, brought up in very different continents… one with a cold climate and snow, and the other in tropical humid weather with sandy beaches. But true love does not discriminate. It doesn’t care if you come from a different culture or grew up eating dhal or meatballs. When two hearts meet, all that matters is that connection.

It has been a few months since Jonas and Yashoda tied the knot at the Shree Lakshmi Narayanan temple. It was a Malaysian-Ceylonese wedding that was infused with Swedish culture – the traditional and cultural aspect of the wedding were reserved for the Hindu temple wedding and the dinner reception at Zebra Square was done in a more western way. It was obvious that Swedish family and friends from abroad really loved witnessing such a unique wedding ceremony. Jonas was a sport… I could see that he truly cherished every moment of the wedding, especially when he saw Yashoda all beautifully decked out in her saree.

20140418_WEDDING_JONAS_YASHODA_1327Jonas and Yashoda met each other briefly in San Francisco in 2012 through a mutual friend. It was a short trip for Yashoda who lived in the UK, but in those 3 months, they fell in love. Every day in SF felt really wonderful for Yashoda who was truly well taken care of by Jonas, but soon, they had to be physically separated across continents. Despite the time and distance apart, it was inevitable that they would be brought back together eventually and Yashoda finally met the man of her dreams.

A huge romantic at heart, Yashoda had waited for a knight in shining armour but God sent her more than she asked for… he sent her an angel! According to her words, “Jonas is the kindest, most sensitive man I have ever met.”

So the Latin inscription on their ring “Tempus fugit, amor manet” truly encapsulates the nature of their relationship. It means, “Time flies but love remains”. A true romantic quote!

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Sindhi-Bihari Wedding: Dr Nilesh & Dr Neha (Part2)

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As promised, here’s part 2 of Dr Nilesh and Dr Neha’s epic North Indian wedding. There were some ceremonies that were new to us, like placing the ring on her forehead and tipping a pot of rice at home. Overall, a really good experience for us all, because we just love to immerse ourselves in different cultures especially in a country like Malaysia. We’re never bored with the many different types of weddings we photograph and film! That’s the beauty in diversity that our country offers.

Years ago, unfortunately, wedding photographers would be hired according to their familiarity with traditional customs by race (naturally, a Chinese wedding photographer would be hired for a Chinese wedding ceremony, etc etc). In the recent years, there has been a more open mindset and people are willing to cross cultures because they believe in the quality of someone’s work. So we do thank God that we had the opportunity to photograph many various types of weddings in the past… some of which have brought us as far as to Bangladesh!

If you haven’t seen it already, here’s part 1 of their wedding celebration in photos and a 12 minute wedding video highlight that summarises it all. If you’d like to see even more photos, have a look at the slideshow below this post.

Thank you for bringing us on this amazing journey, Dr Nilesh and Dr Neha!

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Sindhi-Bihari Wedding: Dr Nilesh & Dr Neha (Part1)

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If we could sum up Dr Nilesh and Dr Neha’s North Indian wedding in 3 words, it would be fun, loud and colourful. Our photography and videography team spent 4 days with the couple and their equally loud and colourful families, filming their engagement ceremony in Malacca, bhajan & navghari puja ceremonies (prayers), sangeet and wedding day. What really stood out for us was how close-knit the family members were. Everyone from the youngest child to the oldest adult participated wholeheartedly in this epic celebration.


Naturally, with drum beats and Bollywood music pumping the halls, everyone, including the team couldn’t help but move to the beat. People laughing aloud and chatting nineteen to the dozen made this celebration a really fun affair.

Dr Nilesh and Dr Neha met in Manipal during their first year of medical school in 2005. For Nilesh then, it was love at first sight. Who could resist the beautiful Neha… elegant, friendly and LOUD. She had a great smile, and Nilesh was hooked. As a couple, they were spontaneous and playful. On the 24th of August 2013, while 17m underwater near the island of Redang, Nilesh ‘popped’ the question to Neha and she said YES!

I love what Neha said to Nilesh as a Facebook posting on the day of their wedding – “I wish I could do more for you my love… But since you beat me to everything when it comes to my happiness .. All I want to say is I love you…and let’s get totally married..I have a lifetime to try to outdo you..”

Aaaw…can you see the big, fat grin on our faces?

Enjoy part 1 of the photos here – photographed by Weiming & Nigel.
Watch their wedding video highlight here.

The Engagement in Malacca


Wedding Video Highlight: Dr Nilesh & Dr Neha

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There’s just so much we want to share from this wedding. We’re still in the process of selecting images to post from their 4 day wedding celebration! So do look out for it soon. But here’s a wedding video highlight that we’re excited to share. It was the first time the team shot a Sindhi-Bihari Indian wedding. It had unique traditions from North India which we weren’t totally familiar with, but we’re really glad that Dr Nilesh and Dr Neha trusted us and gave us the opportunity to photograph and film their wedding celebrations (which included their engagement, bhajan, navghari puja, sangeet and wedding day).

To get a feel of what the wedding was like (and to witness all the fun dancing moments!), have a look at our extended wedding highlight that lasts for 12 minutes.


Videographers & Photographers: (Nick, Felicia & Eddie, Weiming, Nigel & Jamie)
Wedding Coordinator: Vinod of Art Pro Entertainment
Ceremony Location: Connection @ Nexus
Wedding Gown: Leo’s
Evening gown & Groom’s Attire: Amitbals
Make up & Hair: Sunny Make Up Artist
Decorations: Sacred Vows
Cake: Nexus
Flowers: Nook, Bangsar South
Dinner Entertainment: Aseana Percussion Night

Wedding in E&O, Penang: Arun & Rani

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“I think I am the most complicated person I know and I’d ever come to know. I am usually conflicted, emotionally. I hold back when I should take the plunge. I let it rip and fly off the handle when I should hold it in. Yes, complicated, is definitely a word I’d use to describe myself.

The absolute truth is, I don’t think I’d have grown so much in the last 6 years if not for this one person who came into my life and turned it completely upside down! Arun. He changed me in ways I didn’t think I’d let myself change, and ways I didn’t know I could change, and ways I didn’t know I should change. He has been my best friend, my worst nightmare (at times) and my most loyal companion. Through it all though, he has just been there. Refusing to budge. Refusing to leave. Refusing to take ‘No’ as any kind of answer…”


20131215_WEDDING_ARUN_RANI_001920131215_WEDDING_ARUN_RANI_0074I remember my first encounter with Rani. It was at the Westin wedding fair, and she came with a group of friends who were funny, witty and easy to chat with. That instant, we clicked. Rani signed up for our photography package, and months later, off to Penang I went with Diane to photograph their Malaysian reception. Arun and Rani were wed in India (darn, I still am hoping to photograph a wedding there one day!) but they had a 2nd celebration in Penang’s colonial looking E&O Hotel. We spent a good part of the day taking portraits, and then photographing their dinner reception in the evening.

A really funny thing happened that morning while Diane and I were waiting to meet Arun and Rani. Since I had only met Rani once and it was more than 6 months ago, I couldn’t quite recall how she looked like… exactly. And we had never met Arun. So while we were waiting, a couple walks into E&O after disembarking from their wedding car, all dressed up, and we went over to them thinking that they were Arun and Rani. Needless to say, it was an awkward moment when we all realized we didn’t know each other! Well, we had a good laugh after that and we wished the other couple well.

I was glad when the ‘real’ Arun and Rani turned up and everything else went on smoothly that day without any further hiccups! :) Read More