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Feature your wedding on an International Travel Channel

Hi everyone! We’re involved in a really cool, upcoming project and we’d love to get you involved too! It combines 2 of my favourite topics: Travel and Weddings.

For those who have been reading this blog for sometime, you might know that I started out my career in the local film and television line. For many years, I edited TV programs, dramas, films, documentaries… and also directed some episodes of various television programs. Then in 2007, I began to explore the world of weddings through my camera lens. You can read more about my history here.

So how is this relevant to what I am about to say?

Well, basically, we will be involved in a new project involving an international travel channel that broadcasts to 120 countries worldwide. No, this doesn’t mean that we are no longer photographing weddings. Every now and then, I believe in doing new things that will help fuel creativity, and though it’s been a while since I directed a TV program, this is something I’m excited to do.

So… this is where you come in.

We are looking to feature weddings in Malaysia, Indonesia (Bali), Taiwan, Thailand, Philippines and Singapore. For each episode, we will feature one local couple and one couple who are traveling to that destination for their wedding. If you are getting married in these locations within the months of May-August 2012 and would love to have your wedding featured internationally on television, do contact us!

Please email grace.tan [at] with these details:

1. Your name & your fiance’s name

2. The location and date of your wedding

3. Why you think your wedding should be featured (or perhaps some unique details about your wedding plans)

4. Include a photo of the both of you

And that’s it! This is not a contest. We will select the couple based on the best story that fits our requirements. We are excited to hear from you, so do email us soon!

Church Wedding: Justin & Audrey

Years ago, when I was still a student at Multimedia University, Melaka, I heard about Justin from the MMU Christian Fellowship where he used to be president. Since I was in a band too at that time, I particularly noticed that Justin was in a band  (named PG165) together with Vijay (whose wedding we also photographed!). I also heard about Audrey then, as she was the president of CF MMU, based in Cyberjaya.

So 2 presidents from 2 Christian Fellowships, from the same university ended up marrying each other. Despite it being a half day event, it was a big privilege that Johan and I got to document their wedding. I could feel the strong emotion and genuine love they have for each other on their wedding day. And that made it one of my favourite weddings by far.

The wedding was not entirely about themselves but also about their families whom they really love and care for, friends that spent the entire night lending them a helping hand to decorate the church and also about God. What touched me was that they honoured and gave thanks to God for He had handpicked and brought them together. I particularly love the part where Audrey said she sees God in her parents’ lives and wants to be like them.

On behalf of the Stories team we wish both of you much joy, happiness and excitement on your journey together!

– Weiming –

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Behind the Scenes: Aaron & Chrystin

Videographer & Editor: Weiming

A week ago, I posted some photos from Aaron & Chrystin’s pre-wedding shoot. It was such an elaborate set up that I knew we had to document it with a video. What you don’t really see in this image below is the many piles of cow dung that we had to avoid stepping on in that field. The shoot was done at UPM, where cows graze freely at certain times of the day. Thankfully, I managed to find a cow-dung-less spot to set up our little picnic mat. So hope you enjoy the video and do leave a comment behind!

Behind the Scenes: Alvin & Melissa

I always have good intentions to do more behind the scenes videos of our shoots, but as with all good intentions, it sometimes remain as intentions when not followed through with action. On a day to day basis, we have so much work to do in terms of photo touch ups and album design that editing videos like these take a back seat. In fact, I have a number of videos that we’ve shot but not had time to edit. :(

So I am glad that we managed to complete this edit, thanks to the ever hardworking Weiming. He shot and edited this video entirely on his own. Amazing work! Thanks Weiming for making me look good in video (though I cringe when I hear my own laughter).

To view the photos from Alvin & Melissa’s shoot at Carcosa, click on this link!

Do let me know what you think of our little video!

Mark & Mun Tzin weds!

Our resident photographer Mark Leo is now a married man himself! Ever since that first date at GSC 4 years ago, Mark has grown more and more in love with Mun Tzin. Over the past 3 years, my friendship with Mark and Mun Tzin has grown and I must say that this is one funny couple. Mark is always telling funny jokes which causes Mun Tzin to either erupt in laughter or look at him strangely. They are passionate about life, friendship and God, and you always know that you can count on them to be there when you need them to.

I asked them to describe each other, and here are some fun facts about Mark and Mun Tzin (with my notes in italics):

1. Mun Tzin loves that Mark is such a rational, solution oriented person. And that he is really funny.
2. What she dislikes about him – that he is always trying to pack his day with activities! And that he is always late. (but not on shoots, right Mark!!!)
3. Mark can wiggle his ears (I find that really weird). And he has really really long arm hair.
4. What Mark loves about Mun Tzin – that she is focused & opinionated (eg. she can talk about one issue the entire night, especially if it’s something that irks her).
5. And what Mark dislikes about Mun Tzin – that she is not spontaneous enough!

By the way, Mun Tzin has been coordinating quite a number of weddings in Damansara Utama Methodist Church, so she is a really organized person!

Anyhow, back to the point of this post! In tune with Mark’s funny nature, I thought it would be appropriate to create a proposal video that is sooooooo Mark. And of course, soooo Mun Tzin. Enjoy!

Here’s a shot of Mark and I before the ceremony. His last moments as a bachelor.

Praying before the ceremony starts…

And here she comes…

Congratulations to the both of you! Wishing you many many years of exciting, spontaneous (but maybe not too spontaneous for Munz) fun and lots of laughter. Have a great honeymoon in the Maldives!