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Vendor Highlight: Wishing Tree

One would agree that having floral arrangements are essential for weddings as it adds beauty and warmth. The person I know who does a good job at it would be Wishing Tree. I had the opportunity to sit down with the founder, Lily Chew to have a chat about her thoughts and insights on the designer floral business.

VendorHighlight-wishingtreeOriginally from Singapore, Lily married the love of her life in 1999, who happened to be Malaysian. Since then, she has resided in Malaysia. Through her husband’s encouragement, Wishing Tree started 3 months after she was married. She wanted to make good the time she had at hand by pursuing her passion. With their first branch in Bukit Tunku, they have now expanded many times beyond their original size. Recently, Wishing Tree moved to their new 3-storey premise in Sungai Besi. 16 years since their doors first opened, Lily’s continued passion only grew stronger and it gets better.

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Family Portraits: Rayson, Yee See & Lisa

I blew the candles on the cake of my 28th birthday last 10th June, and commemorated 4 years working in Stories on 14th June. As I took some time off on my birthday week to contemplate on the intricacies of life- my experiences and journey thus far, needless to say, I can’t help feeling overwhelmed with gratefulness. Having grown these past 4 years photographing weddings and then family portraits, I see our clients move on with life as well- from their wedding day to having a child. Truly, time passes by really quickly, even more so in this fast-paced life where everything is somewhat instant. If we don’t stop and savour the moments, it’ll all be gone.

Rayson & Yee See‘s family has grown, with Lisa as their latest addition. Here’s Lisa’s first few wobbly steps, which I have had the honour to photograph.

20150131_Family_Portraits_Rayson_YeeSee_Lisa_074It is moments like these I live to capture as a photographer. Seriously.

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Vendor Highlight: Milestones


Preparing for a wedding can be a daunting task- sourcing for a venue, food tasting, hiring the various vendors, planning the schedule and, well, you get it, it’s really a whole lot of things to do! While we may have a huge headache trying to figure out how to navigate through this seemingly intimidating long list of tasks, there are people who are gifted and finds delight in helping you with these tasks (thank God!).

The person I know who is perfect for the job is Mun Tzin from Milestones. Her meticulous and detail-oriented personality is exactly what is needed as the wedding planner to make your wedding a memorable feat, without the headache on your end.Mun Tzin’s interest in weddings started off during her university days helping out at friends’ weddings, contrary to the belief of others who thought she picked it up while planning her own wedding. She likes the role of planning, organising and conceptualising things. Seeing it materialise gives her great joy and satisfaction. Mun Tzin helps couples plan their wedding from A-Z – from sourcing vendors to bringing them to see gown designers, as well as delivering the stationeries to hotels. A wedding planner is not just there to plan your wedding. Mun Tzin has occasionally worn different hats, like being friend, a counsellor, seamstress and make up artist.

Take time to enjoy your day
When asked what are some advice she would give to couples who are planning their wedding, Mun Tzin recommends that couples allocate time to take time to enjoy the wedding day. The saying that goes ‘time flies when one is having fun’ is especially true for weddings, therefore it is important that the couple live in the moment and spend some quiet time together.

Trust is key
Only in a perfect world will you find things running flawlessly. The same can be said about weddings in this fallen world. Things will go wrong, like a slight delay on the delivery of the wedding cake. With that, trust the wedding planner to help sort these minor problems for you and don’t fret over it. Focus on the big picture, whereby everyone is enjoying themselves and after all, no one will notice that the wedding cake is missing for a short while.

Photographer: Weiming

Studio Family Portrait: Glen & Nikola

It’s one of those Sundays where my head was perhaps up in the clouds. You know, where somehow things just don’t start out right? So on the day of the Upson family shoot, I accidentally locked myself out of the empty office with no phone, no key, no door pass… just before the family arrived! In my panic I went to our next unit where Jack, our contractor was working and used his phone to call for help.

Long story short, I technically made our contractor climb dangerously to our unit though the ceiling, ropes and all, to open the door and let me in. In Jack’s words, he felt like he committed an act of thievery by “breaking in” like that. Yea, I know, I felt awful!

So yes, I had to stay focused on the shoot after the blunder, which wasn’t hard to do because the family was such a great sport! Baby Hugo came in cheerful and well-rested, so I started with some photos of him first.

20150621_Family_Portraits_Glenn_Nikola_Jayden_Hugo_04220150621_Family_Portraits_Glenn_Nikola_Jayden_Hugo_02420150621_Family_Portraits_Glenn_Nikola_Jayden_Hugo_034What a cutie, don’t you think? GAAAH.

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Maternity Portraits: Jerry & Suki

This shoot for Jerry & Suki was a special one for me- it was the last ever studio session in our SSTwo Mall unit before we moved to Oval Damansara. While I look forward to new developments to life and moving ahead, I am also quite sentimental. I have good memories of this studio from all the shoots that we have had.

Jerry and Suki is expecting their first child, after being married for a little over a year ago. Suki’s calm disposition is balance to Jerry’s enthusiastic demeanour, and they are really cute together! Prior to the shoot, Suki had her make up done in the studio by Michelle’s Touche’s team.


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