Pre-Wedding: Eugene & Stephanie

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Eugene and Stephanie found out about Wedding Story during our Pre-Wedding Promotion period in October. Stephanie is from Malacca (hip hip hurray!) and Eugene is Straits born Chinese (baba for those who have heard of that term). So coming from Malacca as another straits born Chinese, I felt an instant connection to the both of them. The Wedding Story team had a blast of a time with the both of them, even though it drizzled a little while we were in Lake Gardens. The engagement video will be out soon (by Kee Sitt and Sharon) so look out for it!

Update: Check the pre-wedding video here

After Lake Gardens, we traipsed to Heritage Hotel at the old KTM station. Thanks to Mr Lloyd Gan, we were granted access into this beautiful old hotel and the rooftop of it. Did you know that a lot of the structures in this building is original, built years and years ago? Even the lift has the original hand crank in it (including a metal cage to hold it in!). The place is so rustic, and a lot of conservation needs to go into keeping the building ‘alive’.

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  • Lloyd Gan says:

    Oh me oh my ….. is that what I think it is? The Heritage Station Hotel, Kuala Lumpur??? Ha ha ha ha … Hello Hello Lock & Key!!! Gwa Ha Ha Ha … Glad you guys liked our humble dated, old place.

  • Teoh Chee Leong says:

    wo lala….. this could be the “gold boy and gold girl” of 2008! very nicely handled. congratulations.

  • Superlicious says:

    cong-ratu-lations bro n sis :) may you enjoy many years of wedded bliss!!

    oh so lame sista!

  • Lau Po Chen says:

    Hey .. i loved your wedding photos … they are nice and simple and elegant, very natural.

  • Vivian Lee says:

    Eugene & Stephanie look great in this wedding photos !!! So sweet & very natural
    We loved it so muchie ^^ Congratulation !!!

  • CC says:

    I like de pic on de roof……it was nice view plus de couples~PREFECT!!!!!!
    Congratulation alots……alots……

  • JENNY LEE says:

    Wow Eugene & Stephanie look so sweet~ congratulation Eugene & Stephanie~!

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