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Colin & Yee Xing at Capella Sentosa, Singapore

By 01/02/2012 11 Comments

Sentosa Island, Singapore holds fond memories for me as a kid. I remember those magical fountains that dance in the light together with music, ever so gracefully. I was about 8 then, and everything looked beautiful to me. Years later, I find myself on Sentosa Island again, but this time I was amazed by something else. I had never been to the Capella on Sentosa before, and neither have I photographed an ROM as elaborate as Colin & Yee Xing’s ROM. My mind was not prepared for the view I was to witness that evening.

I think I panicked and gasped at the same time for a whole 1 minute.

Actually, Yee Xing’s sister Yee Ming had contacted me a few weeks before the ROM and asked if I was available to shoot the event and also some family portraits on that day. I was mentally prepared for a family shoot but wasn’t prepared for such an elaborate event. What made matters interesting was that there were 2 other videographers hired on that day, plus one other photographer from Singapore. Can you imagine all of us trying to squeeze on that tiny platform in the middle of the pool, including the bride, groom & wedding officiant? I had to do a lot of creative framing on that day . :)

In the end, everything turned out well and I am pleased with the outcome of the images.

Colin & Yee Xing, I hope you like these images and I look forward to your wedding banquet!

Yee Xing was one really calm bride. While we were getting ready in the room, her zip actually broke and we couldn’t zip up her wedding gown! Her make up artist and my assistant Yih Wen was busy trying to sew up her wedding gown, and everything was delayed by 45 minutes. But through it all, she was smiling, completely unfrazzled! Of course, that gave me more time to take portraits of Colin!

Some family photos before the ROM starts.

Before she walked down the aisle, Yee Xing actually sang a beautiful song for Colin. So sweet!

Another family photo for the road.

Photographer: Grace, assisted by Yih Wen
Location: Capella, Singapore 


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  • Grace Tan Suan Cheng says:

    Tong Yee Xing Colin Tan Tong Yee Ming The blog post is up!

  • Elaine Ong says:

    awesome shots Grace!!!

  • Stories.my - International Wedding & Portrait Phot says:

    Thanks Elaine! :)

  • Tong Yee Xing says:

    haahahaha…. we love all e shots!!! look forward more in march… i will keep in touch with Diane on e family shots before e dinner ya.. cheers!!!!

  • Stories.my - International Wedding & Portrait Phot says:

    Hope you have received the DVD from Yee Ming, Yee Xing. See you in March!

  • Fallen star says:

    Hi may I ask, where can I get a contractor to create the platform on the pool? I’m planning to have a small platform for my rom too! Thank

    • Grace Tan says:

       @Fallen star  Hi Fallen Star, I am sorry but we don’t have these contacts, as we only provided the photography service for the bride and groom. Where is your event though, maybe we can help you get in touch with some wedding planners. 

  • Fallen star says:


  • Honeypot says:

    Hi Grace, I love the photos taken! May I have your email address? Will like to enquire more for my wedding in sept 2015.

  • Jeremy Han says:

    Hi Grace,

    Would like to enquiry on the cost involved and the no. of pax to host such a beautiful wedding.

    Best regards,

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