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Grand Red & Black Themed Wedding: Colin & Yee Xing, Hatten Hotel

By 24/05/2012 March 3rd, 2016 7 Comments

lt was the first ever wedding at the new Hatten Hotel in Malacca. For weeks, everyone rushed to get the fittings and furnishings completed on time for the wedding of Colin and Yee Xing. There was no doubt about it, the wedding dinner had to go on, for this was no ordinary couple. Colin is the son of Hatten Group CEO Datuk Eric Tan.

It must have been a stressful and challenging time for everyone but amazingly, everything came together and the hotel opened its doors for the first time to wedding guests in March.

Some of you might remember Colin and Yee Xing’s beautiful poolside ceremony at Capella, Sentosa, Singapore some time back.  A week before the wedding dinner in Malacca, Colin and Yee Xing had their actual wedding day celebration in Singapore.

Actually, I was rather unprepared at the scale of this event. I was so amazed when I walked in that evening to see lorry-loads of decorations filling the hallway leading to the ballroom. The amount of detail that went into this wedding was amazing. Enya of Storybook did a superb job in decorating the cocktail and ballroom area. When I entered the ballroom, I instantly fell in love with the red and black theme. Stunning!

What was challenging for Weiming and myself as we photographed this wedding was the fact that we had to cover 2 different dinners, over 2 consecutive days, with the same setting and decorations but different guests. On the 2nd day, the Chief Minister and Governor of Malacca (TYT) was on the guest list too! We had to look at things differently and try to approach the event with a new set of eyes for the 2nd day.

So, be prepared for a barrage of images, especially details!

Personalized notes and letters for the bride, from the groom.

Personalized logo for all the candy!

This candy bar was a hit amongst guests! I succumbed to temptation and took one chocolate bar too…

Family photos… love this location!

Day 2 with the VIPs!

The cool, unplanned part about the events of the 2nd day was when TYT got up from the main table and sang a song for Colin and Yee Xing to dance to!

It was a hit and highlight of the evening! What a great way to end the dinner party!


Photographers: Grace & Weiming
Dinner reception: Hatten Hotel, Malacca
Wedding Planners: Wedding Acts, Singapore
Decorators: Storybook 

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  • Farhat says:

    Amazing!! Loved the wedding theme!! So cute!! :)

  • Krystal says:

    This wedding is like a fairy tale come true. May I know how much does it cost to engage in the service of decorating and photography. Thanks!
    U can pm me at krystalt_gal@hotmail.com

  • may yates says:

    please supply a quote for chinese wedding dinner for 100 people in your ballroom with a cocktail pre-dinner arrangement. i would also need a recommended dinner menu.
    thank you.

    • Grace Tan says:

      Hi May, thanks for your enquiry! However, we are the photographers for the event, and not representing the hotel. You can contact the hotel directly on their website to enquire about the menu. All the best!

  • JomJalan says:

    Oh my! What an amazing wedding set up. You guys top that off with fantastic shots. Awesome, awesome job.

  • marissa says:

    Hi , please quote me wedding function for buffet style . Will have about 200 to 300 people and please send me your menu too .

    • Grace Tan says:

      Hi Marissa, we are the photographers for Colin and Yee Xing’s wedding and not representatives from the hotel, so it’s best you contact Hatten Hotel directly. :)

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