The Secret to Beautiful Maternity Photos

Every pregnancy is a journey of self-discovery for the mother. No matter how many times you have gone through it, the experience is never the same. Recording every single milestone of this beautiful journey can be an exciting project, which you can share with your children in time to come.

There are mothers who are a little shy and insecure about looking frumpy in their maternity photos, but fear not! Here are some tips for you to achieve beautiful pregnancy images. Of course, if you can hire a professional photographer to shoot your maternity pictures, that would be ideal!

1. Timing

If you’d like to keep a record of your baby bump growing, try to take the same shot with the same angle every month so that you can compare the size as your belly grows. Alternatively, if you are hiring a photographer for your maternity photos, the best timing to shoot would be around the 7th month as you are still energetic after your 2nd trimester. You can still choose to wait a little longer if you want to photograph a larger belly, but don’t leave it till the last minute!

2. Outfits

Choose outfits that accentuate the shape of your belly, or even expose it. You can opt to wear a short tube top paired with a skirt, a body fitting dress, or a sexy shirt, unbuttoned at the bottom. Sexy lingerie does the trick too. Don’t hide your protruding belly… it is what makes pregnant women so beautiful!

3. Good lighting

Keep it natural. Take photos next to windows or in areas that has lots of natural light. Avoid taking photos in fluorescent or down lights, as they create an unflattering, yellow-coloured cast on your belly. If there isn’t much natural light in your home, your house porch will do the trick!

For an outdoor shoot in the park, try not to head out when it’s too hot. The best timing would be in the morning before 9am or late evening after 5pm.

4. Props

Perhaps you might want to incorporate some props into your photo shoot, like letters that spell your baby’s name, cute little shoes, or the ultrasound scan. It’s a great way of personalising your photos.

5. Pamper yourself

You need to know you’re beautiful even thought your body looks different while being pregnant, despite the swollen legs and probable weight gain. Before your photo shoot, treat yourself to a nice bubble bath and get a makeup artist to give you a makeover. If you feel beautiful, you’ll exude confidence through your images!

Maternity photos can be a special way to help you cherish the moments as it unfolds.

If you are interested in doing a maternity shoot, contact us here to book one! Our studio is well-equipped with props, comfortable furniture, clean changing rooms, and lovely natural lighting.

Tan Family Portraits at the Studio

Living a nomadic life has been the trend in the Tan family from years ago. They’ve lived in Penang, Kelantan, Kuala Lumpur, and Kota Kinabalu, and interestingly, all siblings were born in different state. Abraham and Eva are now living in KL, running their own kindergarten even though all their children have left the nest. Their son Tim is now married to Joyce and living in Singapore. Peter, their other son is living in a lovely cottage in the UK with his wife Thuy and son Caleb.

The lovely girls in the family have been helping out in the kindergarten and homeschooling through the years. Now, Su-Ann has left to further her studies in Arkansas then with Su-Lynn coming shortly after, leaving Su-San behind with her mom and dad.

Last June, the entire family came back together for a holiday together and we did a portrait session together. It was really lovely to be able to meet this really warm family. Little baby Caleb wasn’t really in the mood for photos during the group session but we had a different session scheduled just for his family, so I’m so pleased to report that he was a happy camper then!

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Graduation Shoot: Jolina & Janisha

Graduation portraits have since moved on from being stiff images posed in front of a fake bookshelf, holding certificates with an equally forced smile. Come on…everyone is young, energetic, about to take on challenges that the world is about to give them… these portraits should be bursting with energy! We’re pleased to have had Jolina and her friend Janisha over at our studio recently for their graduation photos.

It’s obvious they were really good friends as the session was filled with lots of fun, under Jamie’s direction as photographer. Jolina is no stranger to us, as years ago, I photographed her sister Angela’s wedding and also Angela’s graduation photos. So we’re really pleased to have photographed her family again this year. I was also excited to hear that they have a wall full of canvases at home, covered with photos that we have taken through the years. :)

Oh, and there was also something special that happened at this session… our other photographer Nigel who assisted Jamie at this session met Jolina for the first time at the studio… Well, all I have to say is that we at Stories sometimes provide matchmaking services. *GRIN*


DIY: Clothes Pin Photo Frame

Are you getting anxious about spending heaps of money for the coming Christmas season?

Are you bored of Christmas decorations that look the same year after year? 

Are you running out of ideas for Christmas gifts? 

Worry no more! We at Stories are here to help you!

Pardon my impersonation of an annoying informercial announcer above, now that I got your attention, I’d like to show you a fun and easy way of making a photo frame that is out of the ordinary.

Introducing, The Unconventional Photo Changer Frame!

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Love Tattooed: Bobby & Elmira’s Pre-Wedding

Photographer: Grace
Location: FRIM, Malaysia & St James Tattoo
Hair & Make Up: Charlie from Michelle Touche team
Wedding Gown: Pretty in White

It was the love of tattoos that brought them together. Ever since young, Bobby loved drawing, and he always had a fascination for the world of tattoos. When he was 15, he tattooed his own hand at school while the teacher was droning on in front… he did it with the ink from his pen and a basic needle. Soon, his passion for drawing led him to mastering the art of tattooing. Some years later, Bobby met Elmira in Miri, where she was working at Bobby’s friend’s tattoo shop. One thing led to another, and eventually, romance developed.

Now, Bobby runs his own tattoo shop in Kota Damansara and Elmira helps him out at the shop. For someone whose name card says, “You suck if you are not tattooed”, he’s really a nice, chatty and friendly guy. :) I must say, his drawings are really amazing.

As for Elmira, despite the tough girl exterior in the shot below, she’s really a gentle and sweet girl.

All the best to the both of you for the future! Now if I ever muster the guts to get a tattoo, I’ll know where to go!

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