Bookmarks - September 2013

September 2013

A Warm Welcome!

Hey there,

While I'm quite the unseen guy who is part of the Stories team, I do actively help out behind-the-scenes. Incidentally, I'm married to Grace and you could say I'm the business mind behind the brand and Integricity Group of companies.

In this installation of Bookmarks, I'd like to share two quotes with you. They form the core of what we believe in.

"We don't take pictures, we capture moments"

"After nourishment, shelter and companionship, stories are the thing we need most in the world."

Amidst our busy lives, pause and rethink about what is truly important. You'll probably concur that moments and stories are what we cherish most in life. And we thank you for giving us the honour to record your most important memories.


Featured Stories Family Member

Photographer Feature: Nigel Lim

Feature 1 Our latest addition to the Stories family is Nigel Lim. He was 10 when he first took photos/videos on a family vacation, and that was when he found his love for photography and videography. We're excited to have him join us!

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Who We Are

Stories is part of the Integricity family of companies and provides photography + videography services, both for corporates and families + weddings.

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A Perfect Garden Wedding

Feature 2

Jason and Annette's wedding was held on the haziest week of the year. Yet, with much prayer, they had a beautiful and sunniest day, perfect for an intimate garden wedding. 

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Wedding Video   Highlight

Feature 3

Our videography team travelled to Miri, Sarawak for Alex and Nicole's wedding day. It was a first for the team, and we love the little details that went into the wedding.

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Family Portraits in the   Park

Feature 4

5 photographers for family portraits? Yes, that's right! Terence, Devi and Jaydee had 5 of us at their shoot. It was fun for them, skill-sharpening for us, and gives you different perspectives.

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