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March 2014

A dog named Prince and a lot of love
Shortly after Jeremy and Sarah tied the knot,
they decided on a little portrait session involving their dog, Prince.

My father came home from a weekend work trip on the evening of 9th March and he was not his usual self. He is usually cheerful and chatty and not one for public displays of affection. But that night, he hugged mom and I tight and uttered "I love you". It was pretty awkward, I must say. However, it was strangely comforting especially after the shocking news about the MH370 KL-Beijing flight that had gone missing just the day before.

As the search for answers continue, I am alarmed at my own negligence for all that I have. The truth is that my family has always been there for me, though, unfortunately, not forever. Life is too short to sweat the small things, and I am again reminded that I should also never take these seemingly ordinary, routine things for granted. After all, it is as Sarah Mclachlan would sing, "it's just another ordinary miracle". We don't know what will tomorrow bring.

It is good to give thanks for all that we have, especially family. Have you hugged your loved ones lately?

A Ceylonese Wedding
Planning a wedding can make or break a couple, so they say. Kogulan and Rathinee planned every details of their wedding together, and are proud of the teamwork and bond they nurtured.

Behind the Scenes: Making the Most of Every Location

The locations of our shoots vary between hotels, resorts, parks and truly-loved family homes. How do we transform these places to make them ideal for portraits?


Studio Family Portraits

The Soh family, including their adorable one-year-old, had their family portraits taken at our studio, led by Diane.

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