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Carcosa Engagement: Edwin & Dawn

By 21/06/2010 4 Comments

The sun shone so beautifully that morning, as if God was smiling down upon Edwin & Dawn. The birds chirped along to Dawn’s humming. She was radiant that morning, in anticipation of her engagement ceremony to Edwin. It was a really small and intimate event with family and friends. Carcosa glowed in the morning sun and the clouds were so magnificent!

The sun peeking out from the clouds made Carcosa glow in warmth. The colour is so amazing! That is why I love early morning shoots, because of this kind of light. We hardly did any post processing on this shot.

Before we headed out into the beautiful garden of Carcosa, there was a heartfelt praise & worship session in the function room of Carcosa, followed by good & sound advice from Dr Herbert Tan who gave insights about marriage.

After the singing and preaching, the guests trooped out into the garden for the exchange of engagement rings.

Their two doggies who have been waiting patiently for the outdoor ceremony to start were then brought to the garden to witness the event. :)


And then brunch! Since it was close to Father’s Day, Dawn & Edwin celebrated their fathers by bringing out a cake.

Followed by their appreciation of their mothers. I didn’t understand what Dawn was saying in Hokkien but their expressions say it all.

Dawn and Edwin gave their thanks to God and family, and it was such an emotional time. It was my pleasure being there to photograph the both of you and witnessing such a meaningful ceremony. Congratulations on your engagement!

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  • Edwin & Dawn says:

    Dear Grace,

    My fiancee Dawn was jumping up and down like an Energizer bunny even before she saw these photos for the first time, acting like a little girl who could not wait to get her hands on some marshmallows and hot chocolate, and she was awed by your work. As we went through the photos, we captured those moments on video. Dawn was so full of excitement, smiling all the way as she informed the rest of her family of your work posted online.

    These photos coupled with your jottings make it all the more memorable.

    Thank you for immortalizing those moments through your lenses. All glory and praise be unto God :)

    God bless you, your team & the work of your hands! :)


    Edwin & Dawn
    2206 Tu 220610

  • Priscilla says:

    Great job as usual Grace. You get better by the day!

    I just realized I know Edwin Kee from like 20years ago, coz I recognized his dad. He’s all grown up and I had to take a second look before I recognized him.

    Congrats Edwin&Dawn!

  • Grace Tan says:

    Thanks Edwin! I am glad that you are happy with the photos! :) It brings me much pleasure when I hear words of gratitude from my clients. Appreciate you taking the time to write this out!

    Priscilla, what a small world! :)

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