Tips for a boudoir photography session

I rarely publish boudoir photos, but when a model turned mom turned client allowed me to do so, I was excited! Most of the boudoir sessions I photograph are for women who would love to present these images as a gift to their husbands. It’s a great way to spice up your sex life (especially post-kids!). Though most women feel self-conscious in front of the camera with their imperfect bodies, I believe there is beauty in every woman which shines through when she is confident about her character.

Here are some tips that can help if you are interested in a boudoir photography session:

  1. Make yourself feel beautiful
    A lot of women who have posed in front of my camera have shared their insecurities with me. What really helps is if you pamper yourself by hiring a make up artist for the session. You will look amazing as the stylist will help bring out the best in you. Go for a facial or massage a few days before the session, just so that you feel great. Or you can go to the hairdresser a week before to have a new haircut or get your hair dyed.
  2. Go shopping!
    If you feel as if your wardrobe is a little stale, go ahead and plan for a mini shopping spree for sexy lingerie! In this boudoir session, we had the privilege of working with this Spanish lingerie brand, Selmark, who provided the white bridal lingerie for the shoot. If you are ever looking for beautiful bridal lingerie, check this European brand out. Another alternative would be to bring an oversized shirt or a body hugging t-shirt with shorts for a different look. Be bold and try something that you would never have tried in the first place! But it is important that you feel confident and comfortable in what you wear. Get a variety of options in different colours – this could just be bras or bodysuits. Don’t forget accessories and heels too!
  3. Choose a good location for the shoot
    You can either opt to do the shoot in the privacy of our photo studio or you splurge on a really nice hotel suite or perhaps find an interesting Airbnb property that can give you a variety of shoot locations. A comfortable bed, a gorgeous couch or vintage bathtub can make the images look even better.
  4. Be open with your photographer
    Which part of your body does your husband love the most? Your eyes, butt, breasts? If you share this information with your photographer, we can help accentuate that feature during the session. Trust your photographer and let her guide you into the best glamorous poses.
  5. The day before the shoot…
    Wax, shave and moisturize. Make sure you drink enough water and have a good night’s rest. When you travel for the shoot, wear loose clothing so that it will not leave marks on your body. Finally, enjoy the session!


Photographer: Grace
Location: Stories Studio
White bridal lingerie: Selmark

That Indon Boy: Wedding Video Highlights of Rondy & Elaine

Lots of tears were shed at this wedding. Generous amounts of warm hugs given, kind words exchanged but most importantly of all, love was present. It was the kind of wedding that focuses on a long term event…the marriage, and not just that one day affair, which is the wedding.

A wedding that reminds you love triumphs over everything.

A wedding that reflects a 10 year commitment that will carry on till ‘death do us part’.

And so, that Indon boy met that Malaysian girl and made a commitment to each other in marriage. Read their wonderful story as written by Rondy below.

Fell in love with that good friend who was so beautiful on the inside

Our story was not one of those love at first sight story. I knew Elaine ever since my high school days. We both went to Garden International School; I joined in year 7, and she joined in year 5. However, I only knew of her existence during year 10, when both of us had some unstreamed classes together; they were Economics, Accounting and our Science subjects. That was actually equivalent to about 16 hours of classes each week! As for the rest of the classes that were ranked, Elaine was just too smart for me. She was undisputedly the smartest student in my year. She would be in all the top classes while I would be somewhere in the middle! So during school, my recollection of Elaine was that she was a nerd with specs and braces who liked to study and hated sports (this is so wrong now!) but at the same time, a very nice girl.

It was only until college that I got to know her better. As the norm in college life, you tend to first make friends with the people you knew back in school. We were no different. Together with other guys from GIS, we went out for lunch, played foosball and pool together, studied together and I even carpooled with Elaine on the way back as well.

We then became friends and I started to really like hanging out with Elaine. I found her to be an extremely pleasant and fun girl to be with. I remembered that I used to get ignored because my jokes didn’t make sense, or people just couldn’t understand me (probably due to my Indonesian accent). However I came to notice that Elaine was always there to respond to me! I also found her to have such a tender and kind heart, someone who loved to help friends, random strangers and animals. She used to feed hungry cats and stray dogs, felt pity towards peacocks that had their wings clipped, and homeless men on the street amongst many others. Do you know that up to this day Elaine has never killed a mosquito!? She just shoos them away! Unbelievable!

So then I started to really like hanging out with Elaine – I loved chatting on the phone with her, and was excited every time she came online on MSN messenger and every time I bumped into her at church on Sundays because I got to see her on a weekend. I loved sharing a laugh with her, playing games with her, but most of all, I loved her smile. She became a really good friend. I was attracted to her inner beauty and how her personality matched mine. One day, I found out that a few other college guys were also chasing after Elaine and I felt a tinge of jealousy! I knew that wasn’t normal and this was indeed a special girl to me. Perhaps she could be my dream girl, the one!

Over time, my feelings grew and so I asked Elaine who had become a good friend to be my college prom date. It was then that I asked her out to be my girlfriend for the first time. But, she rejected me. I guess the feeling wasn’t mutual then. That was a very sad and painful memory for me.

Fortunately for us, I decided not to give up and kept a close relationship while keeping my fingers crossed that she would somehow give me a chance. And so, 3 months after Elaine rejected me during the prom, she decided to give our relationship a chance. We moved to the next level and the rest, as they say, is history!

That moment was nearly 10 years ago now. Elaine and I had since gone through so much together. We grew with each other. I can’t even remember clearly my life before her anymore. She had always been a constant in my life for the past 10 years and will be there forevermore.

She was there when someone called me “sir” for the first time.
She was there when I first shaved my non-existent facial hair.
She was there when I went for my first ever interview with Genting Group.
She was there when I was captained by my football team in uni.
She was there when I graduated.
She was there when I was excited to have seen snow for the first time in China.
She was there when I got my first real paycheck, and my promotion.
She was there during a lot of other first time moments in my life.

She was also there when I was diagnosed with high cholestrol at 18 and helped to bring it down.
She was there when I was down cause I didn’t know what the future hold for me.
She was always there when I was sick, bought me hot lemon tea when I had real bad sore throat and was constantly with me in hospital when I dislocated my ankle.
She was there to comfort me when I was feeling angry and sad and disappointed at the world.

Needless to say more, Elaine had always been there through it all.

So, we had grown together, bringing the best out of each other, be it good times or bad times. We had the best times together, and became a better person individually. My mom realized that I became a more gentle and sensitive person because of her, and I believed she became a more relaxed and less kan-cheong person because of me.

10 years ago, I fell in love with a nerdy, skinny, smart, Godly, tender and kind-hearted girl. She was a friend, which became a good friend, and eventually my best friend. My best friend is now my soulmate. My wife. I am married to my childhood sweetheart, my dream girl. She was my first love and my last.


Videographers: Delvin, Wee Liem, Felicia and Chi Yin
Wedding Ceremony: Glad Tidings, PJ
Dinner Reception: Grand Hyatt, KL
Wedding Gown: Pretty in White
Evening Gown: Wedding Isle Gallery
Groom’s Attire: Bespoked
Shoes: Jimmy Choo
Make up & Hair: Remy Ngan (Mimi Make Up Studio)
Decorations: Wishing Tree & Grand Hyatt
Stationery: Million Yellow Invitation, Jakarta, Others: Kexsh
Cake: Wondermilk
Flowers: Bridemaid’s posies (Kexsh), Dinner Guests Tables (Grand Hyatt), Others (Wishing Tree)
Photography: Dennis Yap
Dinner Entertainment: The Raw Note
Wedding Planner: Chic Occasions

Beach Wedding, Andaman: John & Tiffany

He was there to attend his ex-roommate’s birthday party. She was fashionably late. A stranger to John. But the moment she walked through that door, his heart literally dropped. John had no idea who she was, how she was related to the birthday girl or what ethnicity she was, but all he knew was that he HAD to meet this girl. Throughout the night, he tried to be as close as possible to her so he could initiate conversation with this mystery girl. That was all he needed to motivate himself to ask her out on a date the next morning, at 6am when he got home!

Over the next few months, they went on numerous dates, but though they were really comfortable with each other, John never worked up the nerve to hold her hand till 4 months later. But after he started, he knew, from that day onwards, he could never let go of her hands.



I only met John and Tiffany on the day of their wedding. They had flown all the way from the US to be wed at The Andaman, Langkawi. Some of their family members came from Hong Kong to witness the ceremony. When I walked into the room, Tiffany said to me, “Tell us if you need anything…Do whatever you need to get the shots.”

Yes! To me, that was like a free ticket to move furniture in order to get better photos, and the freedom to control timing so that I can give them the best possible coverage in the time we have together.

That day, I witnessed one of the most amazing sunsets I had ever seen in Langkawi. John and Tiffany, the day couldn’t have gone any better. Enjoy the wedding video highlight below, and the photos in this post!

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Picture-perfect Family Portraits

I am a big fan of having a good family photo taken. Having done some for Stories recently I’ve learnt that good family portraits takes some preparation. While the photographers worry about how to make you and your family look good, here’s some ideas and suggestions on how you can make the experience better.

1. Complement each other clothing-wise 

Have your family members dress in clothes that complement each other, like wearing white tops. It doesn’t have to be of the same shade, but it could be in similar tones. If you don’t fancy the idea of being ‘too coordinated’, then we suggest wearing complementary colours, for example, earth tones (includes white, beige, green, yellow), or shades of blue. All-black outfits look a little too formal, so unless you’re going for that look (or an Addams family look), then we recommend staying away from that colour.

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Recreating your Old Photos

Do you have a favourite photo of you when you were child? One of you having ice-cream all over your face, or all dressed-up in a funny costume? Here’s an idea to recreate that photo with the same pose,  same person, only 20 years later! :)

You will need:

1. An old photo of you that you would like to recreate.

2. A camera and a willing friend (or tripod if you like it better than your friends).

3. The same or similar location by which the original photo was taken.

4. Yourself! And your enthusiasm to recreate the photo!

Optional: Clothes that are similar to the one in the original picture.

Step 1: Look through your childhood photos and pick one. If you would like to have ice-cream all over your face to recreate the picture and you are up for it, then go for it!

Step 2: Examine the photo closely: the poses, the facial expression, the clothes and the location. Practice the expression or poses in front of the mirror if you have to. Revisit the location where the photo was taken and for the best results, try to get similar clothes, too!

Step 3:  Set up your camera or bring your friend to the location and have fun shooting! For the best results, take a few shots. Check and redo until you are satisfied with the outcome!

Step 4: When you are all done, choose your best shot and put it together with the original photo. Print them out and send it to all your relatives. Congratulations, you have now become their favourite niece/nephew/cousin/grandson/granddaughter!

Extra Tip: Get other people involved, too! Here’s my take on recreating an old photo:


Every photo has a story. What’s your story? Remember to show us your pictures!