Family + Children Portraits

Family Portraits: Ben & Joanne

I seem to be photographing a lot of 2-3 year old boys lately. Little boys at this age are really cute, but the one thing that is difficult to do, is to keep them still! I haven’t done a shoot with little girls that age. I thought there were more girls in this world than boys? Well a friend of mine said that girls are easier to photograph, so probably the ones who have boys look for professional photographers cause they just can’t get a good pic of them through their compact cameras. Perhaps there is an element of truth there.

Recently, I met up with Ben and Joanne for a family portrait shoot with their two lovely boys, Zach & Jaden. We went to FRIM, and since I haven’t been there in a while, I actually missed the turning from the highway on the way there. Luckily I started out early, and after a couple of turnings and guidance from Chui who was my helper for the day… I finally got there. Here are a selection of images from the shoot.

20090425_family_portraits_ben_joanne_005 20090425_family_portraits_ben_joanne_014


20090425_family_portraits_ben_joanne_032 20090425_family_portraits_ben_joanne_034

20090425_family_portraits_ben_joanne_052 20090425_family_portraits_ben_joanne_061


20090425_family_portraits_ben_joanne_079 20090425_family_portraits_ben_joanne_108


I love his little chair! So cute.


20090425_family_portraits_ben_joanne_151 20090425_family_portraits_ben_joanne_042


Family Portraits: Andrew, Huey Yee & Family

We were supposed to have our portrait session at The Orchid Garden in KL that morning, but it poured! It was a challenge thinking of where to go in such heavy rain, but finally we decided to drive to the Solaris area in Mt Kiara for the shoot. It was my first time there. Huey Yee told me… “Don’t you know this place? All the young people hang out there.” Haha, I guess I’m not that young anymore! (or perhaps it’s a hint for my hubby to bring me out more often). With a combination of rain, hyperactive kids, and a cool location… we came up with some really fun shots!


Just look at that face of satisfaction as she grabs the plant!



20090403_family_portraits_andrew_hueyyee_070 20090403_family_portraits_andrew_hueyyee_069



20090403_family_portraits_andrew_hueyyee_020 20090403_family_portraits_andrew_hueyyee_107



Family Portraits: The Chew Family

I got to know the Chews through another client. They had just moved into their new home in Taman Seputeh and Tina gave them a portraiture session with me as a gift to them. What a lovely idea! Lately, I’ve been getting a number of such bookings… people buying a photo sessions for their friends as gifts. I should print out gift vouchers and offer this out to all my clients. It’s an unconventional gift, and definitely personal!

So one evening, I trooped over to Keong and Tracey’s new home to photograph them and their 2 girls. They are such a fun family! They are ever willing to try whatever I suggest to them, stand in the hot hot sun, and smile away for the camera! Here are some photos from that day’s shoot.




20090308_chew_family_portraits_31 20090308_chew_family_portraits_231


20090308_chew_family_portraits_07 20090308_chew_family_portraits_48

20090308_chew_family_portraits_58 20090308_chew_family_portraits_62


Family Portraits: Kay Yeow, Rachael, Katelyn, Kristen and Milo!

In 2006, I had the honour of filming Kay Yeow and Rachael’s wedding. It was the very first wedding video I had ever done! Even though the edited video was only about 10 minutes long, they loved it. Rachael was also the wedding coordinator for my wedding and Kay Yeow led the worship and was the emcee at our wedding dinner. What a long way we have all traveled since then! Well, now they are a tight little family of 5! (Rachael recently gave birth, so I caught these photos at the tail end of her pregnancy!). Thank you for your friendship and though we don’t get the chance to hang out very much, Alex and I do think of the both of you. Will come visit soon!

Isn’t Katelyn cute?







Jek & Alice’s Adorable Twins

Jek has been Alex’s school friend, colleague and then now business partner for many years. And so it gives me much joy to be able to photograph his new-born twins (now a few months old already!) at his parent’s home in KL. And of course, the parents joined in too! The location was just so beautiful, I didn’t think I was in Malaysia at all! These are a few of my favourite shots. Jek is a photographer too, slowly getting sucked into this whole money grabbing hobby! :) I really had a great time that day, Jek! Your girls (all 3 of them!) are really beautiful. Hope you like the photos.

Lovely flares! In old school photography books, flares are a no-no!

Definitely my favourite shot of the lot!! So cute!

What do you know? My first nude portraits.