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Gifts for Christmas

GiftmemoriesIf any of you are looking for a unique gift for a friend or family this Christmas, why not purchase a photography gift pack from us? It works just like a voucher purchase; you buy the gift, write a personalised message, we post the gift pack out, and your friend can claim the shoot within a year of receiving the gift!

We have 3 different packages for you to choose from – priced at RM350, RM600 and RM800. Find out more about the details of each package and purchase a gift pack online through our store.

Also, if you are buying this gift for a family with babies under the age of 1, there is the limited edition First Year Baby Milestones book that comes free with package 1 and 2. To get the free book, you need to purchase these gift packs from 3 participating stores – Kiddie Casetta in Atria, The Baby Outlet, Tropicana City Mall and Babydash online store.


Reminiscing: Portraits in Kelantan

A year ago, the Stories team headed to a small village in Kelantan to photograph portraits for the families affected by the devastating 2014 flood. We were just so blessed to be able to meet these families and to replace precious family photos that were lost in the flood. We braved the Hari Raya jam and drove up north, to a place we had never visited before and ate Raya kuih with families who welcomed us with open arms. Have a look at the behind the scenes video that describes more about what took place over the few days we were there. It was a one of a kind experience for all of us. Wishing a great time of family bonding for everyone celebrating Raya!

20150718_Kelantan_Hari_Raya-01 20150718_Kelantan_Hari_Raya-02 20150718_Kelantan_Hari_Raya-03 Continue Reading

Portraits of a Violinist: Tsze Yenn

She started playing the violin at a tender young age of 6. At the age of 13, she was awarded a scholarship to study at Chetham’s School of Music, where she blossomed over the 6 years she was there. Naturally, she moved on to complete her Masters Degree at the Royal Academy of Music and has continued to perform until today. We were honoured to photograph her publicity portraits – Tsze Yenn wanted images that were elegant and classic. Here are some of our favourite shots, photographed by Jamie.


Photographer: Jamie
Make up & Hair: Michelle Touche
Location: Stories Studio

Corporate Profile Headshots

Stories-corporate-headshotsA good corporate profile headshot can make a huge difference to someone’s perception of you! It can exude warmth, show a hint of fun or maybe a whole lot of crazy. If you have been using your passport photo in your resume or as your Linked In profile shot, it’s time to update that headshot of yours. Here are some tips on how to prepare for a session with us.

  1. Identity & Personality
    What would you like these images to say about you as a person? Would you like to portray strength? Or perhaps you would like the portraits to show that you are a fun and approachable person. Maybe you are generally an introvert, you don’t smile a lot but you have a serious and intelligent persona. Share with us some of the keywords you resonate with so that we are able to create images that reflect your personality.
  2. Clothing
    Choose outfits that you are comfortable and confident in. Single tone outfits are great, and you can also mix and match colours with a formal jacket or a light jacket. Make sure that your clothes are well ironed before you arrive! Try and steer clear from loud prints or outfits with text on it. We would like the focus of the image to be on your face, not your clothing. The same goes for accessories! You can bring a few outfits to see which works best during the shoot session.
  3. Hair & Make Up
    Don’t cut your hair the day before the shoot – it’s best if you do it at least 4-5 days before. We would recommend you hire a make up and hair stylist for your shoot (we are able to provide this service too!) as a professional make up artist would know how to enhance your features for the camera without making you look unnatural. Blemishes on skin like pimples can be retouched but we do not remove wrinkles digitally as they would look a little too fake if we smoothened it out! If you prefer to do your own hair and make up, please make sure that you use products that are not oily. Men and/or women can bring along a facial blotter to the session.
  4. Be well rested
    It might seem obvious, but not many realize the importance of sleeping well the night before a shoot and drinking lots of water the week before the shoot. Stress can easily make a person look haggard, so hopefully, when you arrive at the studio, you’ll be at your best, feeling a million dollars and looking like one.


Contact us to book your corporate headshot session.

Portraits of Adnan & Ameerah

They met in medical school 8 years ago. He was the boy in class who made the most noise, and was always fun loving with a great sense of humour. He thought Ameerah was cute (apparently that’s all it takes, according to her). They started going out as friends, initially in big groups which eventually shrunk to just the two of them.

They spent a lot of time studying together, while listening to music on her iPod. It was only years later did she find out that they did not share the same taste in music at all! It was his excuse of sharing earphones just to be close to her. One fine day, he told her he loved her, and they became a couple. He was a total romantic, writing Ameerah love letters and sweeping her off her feet with flowers and fancy dinners. Many years later, he proposed at Lake Como and she said yes… and this March, they got married!