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Putting Rough Paper to Good Use

By 17/08/2012 4 Comments

Are you like me to feel bad about disposing rough paper? You know, the paper that you’ve only used one side? I used to cut them up into half in order to create very unglamourous notepads like this:

There must be something better. So I thought, why not make it into a notebook like this:

Here’s what you need:

-PVA Glue

-Rough paper (make sure they are all the same size)

-2 of your favourite photos

-Paper holders

-A small sheet of paper of any colour (for the spine)

Step 1: Put all your paper together and place your photos as covers at the front and back. Align the paper against a flat surface.

Step 2: Once you have aligned the paper, use the paper holders to hold the sheets of paper in place. In this case, you can see that I’ve used some brown paper to shield my photo. After all, I don’t really want the clip to leave a mark on my photo!

Step 3: Apply PVA glue on the side that you want as the spine of the notebook. Apply at least 2 layers of glue. Be sure to leave one layer to dry first before applying another. After applying the layers of glue, use heavy items such as a heavy book to rest on the notebook. This is to ensure that the pages stick together. Let it sit for about an hour.

Step 4:  Your pages are now glued together. Apply some glue on to the strip of paper and paste it to the spine of your notebook.

Done! You can now proudly use your environmentally-friendly notebook and show off your beautiful pictures at the same time!

Enjoy! :)


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