JULY 2014
Learn how to take beautiful photos of your family!
Join us for a family portraiture workshop this August.
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About Diane

Gasp... a life without cameras!
I sometimes wonder how life would be without the creation of cameras. How would people remember important events like weddings, birth of a child, inauguration of presidents and world wars? Would people resort to painting and drawing, or will people rely on written accounts?

Photography, among many other forms of media, has truly liberated the way we remember history. And today, these means to immortalise memories are so easily accessible, we have even taken them for granted. What if we all see the camera in our hands as a powerful tool for story telling, capturing nature's beauty and creating memories?

With that in mind, I am pretty sure that every click on our cameras would carry some kind of purpose and meaning, instead of simply just pictures. That is the thought I hold on to very closely as a photographer.

Won't it be awesome to create amazing photos for your family? Lucky for you, we are running a workshop to help you make full use and unleash the potential of your camera. Think about it, I promise the next time you press the shutter button, you will see things in a different light.

Lifelong Travel Partners: The Wedding of Tjin and Dawn
Tjin is based in Australia and Dawn lives in Singapore. Yet, the two have never missed a day of talking to each other. He counted: 1,196 days of communication, 30 separate flights flown amounting to 180,000km travelled to see each other; which brought them 15 exciting hellos and as well as 15 heart-aching goodbyes. The distance between them ended the day they said their vows to each other.
A Sindhi-Bihari Wedding
Our team spent 4 days documenting Dr. Nilesh and Dr. Neha's North Indian wedding. Besides it being fun, loud and colourful, what really stood out was how close-knit both their families were. Everyone participated wholeheartedly in this ONE BIG PARTY!
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A Family Affair!
Photos that are timeless stay on your wall forever, and that was what Chee Seng and Sze Min looked for in their family portrait session. It was timely as not only was their daughter, Katelynn at a very adorable stage, Sze Min was expecting her second child!
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"The video presentation is viewed practically everyday by our family & friends as everything was just perfect! It was so beautiful & beyond words to describe the hard work Nigel and Weiming have put in to get things right...and let me put it point-blank...we miss working with them!"

− Surya & Sarala

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