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Our Services

Wedding Photography & Videography

It’s your special day, and we would love to have the opportunity to document it. Our style is candid, fun and natural. We emphasise on capturing tender moments and preserving the memories.

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Albums & Prints

There’s something valuable about having memories printed and treasured. The sense of touch cannot be replaced by digital images on a screen. We provide albums, canvases and fine-art prints.

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Engagements / Pre-weddings

After the big engagement, why not take some photos to celebrate before the big day? You could go casual or dress in a wedding gown. Photos can be printed in time for the wedding.

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Volkswagen Kombi Rental

Are you a fan of all-things-vintage? If you are, you’ll love our classic 1976 Volkswagen Kombi. Rent it for your wedding day, photo shoot, party or event. A driver is provided.

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Lifestyle Portraits and Events

When your family gets together for a reunion during a festive season, why not arrange for a portrait session? Take natural looking photos in a park, at home, or in our studio. Preserve memories just because…

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Corporate Work

Stories.my is a brand that caters for weddings & portraits. The parent company, Integricity Visuals delivers photography, video production, animation, live streaming and training for the corporate sector.

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