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Engaging us internationally

Selecting a team you’re happy with is essential to preserving your memories.
Flying a team to your wedding may cost less than you imagine!
Our team of wedding aficionados is primarily based in sunny Malaysia, which is in South-East Asia. We are more than willing to fly abroad and cover your special day – be it in a different part of Malaysia, or the world.

Our Stories team is very well-versed with what it takes to jetset to an international destination, as we honestly catch flights more often than catching cabs! All our gear is easily stowed away and ready to go, wherever the job, whenever the job.



Here are some questions you may have running through your mind

Where are you based? And will you travel to cover my wedding?

The Stories team is based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, but we do travel extensively for weddings. Which exuberant adult doesn’t like to experience new sights and sounds in a foreign land?

We love pushing the limits and capturing beautiful images in new locations. Our team has been to Bangladesh, Holland, Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand, amongst other locations.

We are used to traveling and you can rest assured we will show up several days before your big day to get to know you better and get adequate rest.

Will it be expensive?

Not necessarily. With the advent of low-cost carriers, we are now able to fly easily to countries such as Australia, Bangladesh, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, United Kingdom and more…

In addition, we do not charge you exponential rates for covering a foreign assignment. In fact, with the strength of your currency, you may realise it is even more reasonable to hire us for our quality, than to get an average vendor in your hometown! Do contact us for a custom quote as costs vary depending on location.

When will you arrive?

Our team will always come a day or two before your ceremony, not only to get ready, but also to get to know you better. We believe strongly in making couples feel comfortable, and we will try our best to find out what makes you happiest.

I’ve got so many questions…

Give us a call, or leave us your number and we’ll call you. Let us reassure you on how easy it is to get us to come and participate with you during your wedding.

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