We're based in sunny Malaysia.
But we jetset around the world!

We are the Stories family!

We are a team of passionate photographers and videographers who love capturing emotions and moments for couples and families.

My creative journey started when I was a teenager. I was interested in the art of filmmaking, and continued to study that as a degree. After working in the local television and film industry as an editor and director for a few years, photography began to capture my heart.

I was amazed that in a single frame, I could forever immortalize a moment that would mean so much to a person. So I began my journey of learning and discovery in 2006, and slowly my baby steps into photography led me to weddings and families. The joy I feel after I have captured these precious moments is just so overwhelming.

Now I am so happy to be able to work with a team of amazing creative people who share the same vision. I hope we are able to be part of your life by creating visual heirlooms so that you can remember happiness.


What we believe in

In spending time meeting up with clients to become friends as this helps tell a story of love.

In being intentional about portraiture, whether on your wedding day or any ordinary day.

In photojournalism, captured in a candid manner because it evokes the best (and truest of) emotions

Our family

Grace Tan

Founder & Photographer

My Jesus, traveling & spending time with family, massages, and shopping at craft markets

Wasting my life away, inefficiencies, messy rooms

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Bin Bin, Tan

Studio Manager

Cooking, Spending time with family and friends, Adventure

Trying exotic fruits, crowded spaces and traffic jams

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Chi Yin, Tan

Videographer & Photographer

Time with loved ones, traveling, music, movies

Phone running out of battery, getting sick, getting lost

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Abel Chow

Video Editor & Digital Artist

Video games, badminton, enjoy little things in life, music

Alarm clock, potholes, an empty stomach

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Sarah Lim

Content Curator

Travelling with my husband, coffee and homemade tacos with friends, exploring the great outdoors

Early mornings, ironing, durians, and mess

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Stephen Ng

Photographer & Videographer

Desserts, video games, 80s soft rock music, cooking

Bugs, loneliness, dirty environment, washing up after cooking

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Jamie Ang


Traveling, dance, rock climbing, coffee, making people laugh, fries

Wet toilets, hair on the floor, condescending people, conversation cutters

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Chris Chan


Travelling, spending time with family, nature

Feeling empty, inefficiency, mosquitoes

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Johan Sopiee


Hugging my loved ones, capoeira, video games

Eating cakes, unkempt public toilets, traffic jams

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