We're based in sunny Malaysia.
But we jetset around the world!

We are the Stories Family!

Creative, passionate and above all, fun. Stories is made up of creative, fun individuals who are passionate about photography and videography!

We love, love, love weddings, families and children (yes, we are romantic softies through and through). We believe in preserving memories so that in years to come, you can look back and remember your stories from yesteryear.

Grace Tan (yes, me!) is the founder of Stories.my, a brand of Integricity Visuals, that provides video and photography services to corporate clients. We needed to separate the more personal and emotional photos and videos from the corporate work, hence the need for Stories.my, an identity that caters specifically for the romantic, tender (and more fun!) side of the business.

Since joining the media industry more than a decade ago, I have transitioned from video post-production to professional photography in 2007. Today, we’re proud to have a dedicated team that is highly skilled at photography, videography and post-production.

We’re always on the look out for creative talent. If you’re keen to explore a career that is fun and meaningful, get in touch!

We Believe…

In photojournalism and believe the best emotions are evoked when captured in a candid manner.

In setting aside time for posed portraits, whether on your wedding day or on a separate day.

In spending time meeting up with clients to become friends as this helps tell a story of love.

Stories’ Milestones

the year Stories opened its doors
wedding-related shoots in 2010
wedding-related shoots in 2013
full-time staff in 2016

Get to know us

Our Family


Grace Tan

Founder & Photographer

LOVES Traveling, Jesus, massages, bubble tea,
sushi, quirky DIY items
HATES Durians, robbers and snatch thieves,
traffic jams, haze

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Kate Hee

Personal Asssistant to Grace

LOVES Coffee, my baby’s smell, music, traveling
HATES Traffic jams, disorganized toys, criminals, dirty toilets

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Jamie Ang

Photographer & Digital Artist

LOVES Traveling, dance, rock climbing, coffee, making people laugh, fries
HATES Wet toilets, hair on the floor, condescending people, conversation cutters

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Tan Chi Yin

Videographer / Video Editor

LOVES Spending time with loved ones, traveling,
music, exercising, movies
HATES Phone running out of battery,
getting sick, getting lost

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Johan Sopiee


LOVES Hugging my loved ones, gear talk,
capoeira, video games, dance music
HATES Eating cakes, unkempt public toilets,
gear talk, traffic jams

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Jennifer Cheong

Photographer & Digital Artist

LOVES Traveling, Coffee, Designing, Skiing, Shopping, Cute Stuff
HATES Criminals, Falling Sick, Getting Fat

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