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Commercial Work


Headshots and Brand Videos

Stories for Business helps corporate and individual clients bring their ideas to life through the use of visual artistry. Our vision is to help companies and professionals build their brand so they can continue to make a difference in their area of influence. Our commercial services include headshots, visual brand storytelling, video production, live streaming and coaching. Some of our clients include Chef Wan, Pandelela Rinong, VISA, Australian International School Malaysia, Disney, Tommy Thomas & Associates and Early Autism Project.

Our team is skilled in all aspects of video production from script writing, directing, producing, to video editing and graphics. Our strengths are being able to relate with people of all backgrounds and ages, and being able to evoke emotions through visual storytelling. We believe in doing good work that supports family life, healthy communities, and building a better future for all.

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Sample Videos

Visual Brand Kit

For entrepreneurs, coaches and trainers, we’ll create a personal brand video and a series of headshots so that you can make an outstanding first impression online. Here’s an example we created for Ranukka Singham, an image consultant and personal brand strategist.

Corporate Videos

If you need a corporate video for your website, we’ll be able to work with your team to create a short video with high impact. Featured here is a video we created for Brandt International.

Campaign Videos

We can create specific campaign videos just like the one here, created for the Hope Project. This video highlights a collection of powerful, true stories that many children with autism at Early Autism Project Malaysia have experienced, with a highlight on Adam J Dillion.

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