Tan Chi Yin

Photography has always been my hobby since I was young. During any outing or while traveling, I will always be the one holding a camera and shooting photos or videos. While I was in college, I shot even more when I got my first camera. I was always the one to encourage my family and friends to do short videos or go for photo shoots together. Everything was self-taught, from shooting to editing.

For me, it is just so magical that we can record every single moment in our life. When we look back at those photos or videos, we can laugh at how silly we were during those moments and how fun it was just being together with one another. I enjoy doing it a lot, and feel a deep sense of satisfaction over the outcome.

After I graduated from my bachelor’s degree in Media, Communications & Culture, I joined the film production industry for a period of time. I’ve always enjoyed going out for shoots. But at that time, I was working as a production coordinator, which meant that I had to do more organisational work including communication, admin and paper work. However, my passion in photography and videography continued to burn. Therefore, I made a decision to join Stories and I am excited to grow together with this company.