Albums and Prints

Make those moments come alive.

Today, we take hundreds of photos every week.
Images have become less significant.

Rarely, if ever, do we ever print photos anymore. Do you remember the days of film when we had to wait expectantly for photos to be printed so that you could touch and feel the image in your hands? There is some kind of magic in that.

Some couples go unplugged and create their own photo scrapbooks. They create a treasure trove of memories by pasting wedding cards, photos, notes, messages and even ang pow packets with messages on them! Family and friends oooh and aah at it, drop crumbs from biscuits and leave fingerprints on the pages. But it’s all adds to the feeling of being intimate.

It’s because of this feeling that we feel albums are so precious. Keep the digital prints, but don’t leave out the album. Some say that it will just collect dust under the coffee table.

Of course it will.

All kinds of objects collect dust. But years from now, your children will flip through those very same pages and remember the story of when their mum and dad got married. They will know that even their grandparents held it once with tears in their eyes.

We have a broad range of albums, ranging from our Classic series to the Premium series. All albums vary in size and material.

Aside from albums, we also provide canvas art prints that will look absolutely stunning on the walls of your home.

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Sitting beautifully in a hard cover box, your images would look stunning in a personalised premium album. Your names will be debossed on the cover of the album.

Size: 16″ x 12″ (80 pages) or 12″ x 12″ (40 pages)
80 or 40 pages (with the option to add more pages)
All sheets are made of acid free, archival quality silk paper. Cover options are leather or silk.






This album comes in a beautiful hard cover box. There are a few choices of album colours and you can select a photo to be featured on the cover.

Each sheet is thicker than the Premium Album series. Sheets are firm and they do not bend easily. However, there is a limitation of 30 pages for this type of album (approximately 80-100 photos).

Size: 15″ x 10″
20 / 30 pages
Cover: Select from three types of material – feather, silk or vinyl

Featured below are the feather, red silk and bronze vinyl covers.






A cute little square album that has a huge personality! It comes in various colour options with a leather cover.
Size: 10″ x 10″
20 pages




A simple, fuss free and casual album that is easy to flip through, featuring your maternity or family portraits.

Size: 11″ x 8.5″
20 pages
 Choose from imagewrap or material covers and from lay flat or magazine style paper.





Canvas prints are eternal! Order one to grace a wall in your home or a few in different sizes to create a canvas cluster of images.


If you prefer framed photo prints instead, we offer these as well. Types of frames vary according to season. Or, we could do really, really large, life-sized prints for you too!


Your wedding photos are delivered in a beautifully crafted box with a USB drive inside.

For lifestyle portraits, you will receive a cute little bag with the USB drive.