Chinese Weddings

Vernon + Denise

Photographers: Grace & Johan
Wedding Gown Boutique: My Dream Wedding
Make up & hair: Carol
Flowers: I Do
Videography: Lam
Dinner Reception: Top Hat Restaurant

There are a few facts that I know about Vernon & Denise.

Firstly, when you have such a close knit family like Denise’s family, you know for a fact that lots of fun is sure to follow. Even though I didn’t understand the many different Chinese dialects that was spoken that day, I knew for a fact that everyone had a great time.

I know for a fact too that Vernon and Denise are a creative couple… Vernon works as a video editor and Denise as an interior designer. But I think Denise’s family members trumped them in the creative department… because the games played that morning were just soooo creative!

And lastly, I know for a fact that Vernon and Denise cherish close relationships. That’s because they chose to have a small intimate dinner at Top Hat Restaurant with a small number of guests, instead of a large dinner reception in a ballroom.

Denise’s cute dog that was dressed for the occasion! If you’d like to see him in another outfit, click here.

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Wai Kien + Jean

Photographers: Grace & Johan, assisted by Eric Ooi
Make Up: Lee Kuen
Wedding Gown Boutique: Lasposa Bridal Gallery
Dinner Reception: One World Hotel, Petaling Jaya
Dinner Entertainment/Band: Love Story

Wai Kien and Jean have seen each other grow, literally. They have been childhood friends since kindergarten, primary school, secondary school and then college. I guess Wai Kien had lots of time to admire Jean from afar! Especially since she is a gorgeous girl. But their relationship only turned from friendship to courtship during their time in Taylor’s college, when they started to carpool to college together. Then a looong four years of long distance relationship as they left to study in different continents.

Even those four years couldn’t keep them apart, and now Wai Kien and Jean are happily married childhood buddies.

I had so many favourites from this shoot, I can’t help but post waay too many photos! In every shoot, I look out for special things in the couple’s home that can be photographed. Like this vintage looking cassette player/radio that is in Jean’s room.

Or this gorgeous mirror reflecting Jean’s beauty.

Or this awesome rattan chair that is begging to be sat on.

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Alvin + Mandy

Photographers: Mark & Johan
Make Up: Gene Lim
Wedding Gown: After Twelve
Groom’s Attire: Lord’s Tailor
Decorations: Weng Hoa Floral
Cake: Big Boys Oven
Flowers: Garden of Senses
Videography: Edmund Lee
Emcee: Oliver Kwan
DJ: Kelvin & Sound
Dinner reception: One World Hotel

Mandy strikes me as a really fun, chatty person to be with. Alvin, on the other hand, comes across as the sturdy character that is always easy to depend on. That was my first impression when I met Mandy and Alvin for the first time. Since I was shooting another wedding on the same day, Mark & Johan became the appointed photographers for Alvin & Mandy’s wedding. This was definitely a memorable wedding for Mark, especially. And you will see why later…

I just love the shot taken by Johan below. Taken through some kind of texture (I am suspecting a curtain!), it feels like a still frame from a Super 8mm film camera. :)

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Kevin + Denisse

Photographers: Grace & Ian
Location: Concorde Hotel, KL
Make Up & Hair: Kimmy

When I first met Denisse, she told me that she is a really simple person. They like to keep things simple, have a simple wedding and a simple dinner. And that made her one of the least stressed brides I have ever photographed. I think it must come from the fact that Denisse is from Miri, Sarawak. A lot of East Malaysians I know are super friendly and laidback!

And so, Denisse and Kevin had a simple wedding. But one that is full of good memories, laughter and friendship.

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Eric + Debbie’s Union

Photographers: Grace & Mark
Make Up & Hair: Angie Ng
Wedding Gown: That Special Occasion
Church Ceremony: Assumption Church, PJ
Dinner Reception: Concorde Hotel, KL

If you have seen enough of my images, you would know that I love colour. But at times, the absence of colour accentuates shape and texture even more. When I arrived at Debbie’s home that morning to capture shots of her getting ready, I was so taken in by the wallpaper in her room. Her dad put it up for her when she was young. A wallpaper filled with trains. Seems a little unusual for a little girl. :)

And now daddy’s little girl has grown up to be a beautiful bride.

While Debbie was getting ready, Belle her trusty dog kept her company. He even had a thing or two to say about ang pows. (you’ll see why later)

While I was at Debbie’s place, Mark was shooting at Eric’s home with his barely one month old Canon 5D Mark 2. :)

Back to Debbie’s gorgeous wall. :)

And of course, gorgeous Debbie herself.

I love this shot below taken by Mark.

Debbie’s home was decorated so wonderfully, in anticipation of Eric’s arrival!

When the guys came, they had to go through a few rounds of challenges (literally). The girls made them dance around a tree to music!

And then out came some Tanzanian currency. Debbie’s good friend Tariq volunteered 10,000 Tanzanian shilling, which I found out later is worth about RM23, or about 7 USD. I guess the girls were smarter and knew better than to take the money.

I love this yoga challenge. Proves how flexible the guys are in emulating these poses. How do you think they rate?

This is where Belle had her say about whether to let Eric in the room or not.

I guess Eric must already have favour in Belle’s eyes, cause he was approved! One of the cute things that Eric did was stop at Starbucks to buy Debbie coffee before he reached her home. He knew she needed her caffeine fix! How sweet is that!

At Assumption church, everything went on really smoothly and on time…

…and then there was a little drama when the flower girl decided to run down the aisle to her father instead of walk.

Debbie sharing a moment with her dad.

Wonderful emotions exchanged.

Dinner was held at Concorde Hotel in KL.

The entertainment that night was amazing! Peter Ong was the MC and singer! Beautiful duet that night.

Definitely a night filled with laughter. There were lots of great speeches and on top of that, Eric & Debbie were really surprised when their friends played a video made specially for them that night. It was completely unexpected!

Congratulations you two. Who would have thought, Debbie, that our first encounter at KOMAS years ago would have led to this friendship that we now have. And then bumping into you years later at Dave’s. I feel like I’ve journeyed together with the both of you this year and that you have made me feel so welcomed at all times. Wishing the both of you many many happy years of married bliss.