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Family And Children Photography

Families & Children

“The days are long, but the years are short.”

This quote by Gretchen Rubin really resonates with us. Mothers of young children might sometimes secretly wish time would pass quickly, but then as they see them grow, they wish that time would stop. What better way to document these fleeting moments than through a portrait session with your family? There are many moments that can be captured in a family session, from the time your baby is born, to his or her first birthday, the toddler years, primary school and beyond.

We would love to invite you to our naturally lit studio for a family session. We have many props and furnishings that can be used as part of your photo shoot and our toy basket is always full for the kids.  If you feel more comfortable in your home, we can definitely travel there too. Many shy children are more sociable in their own homes because it’s a familiar space. This can sometimes make the photo more meaningful. When they grow up, they’ll have photos to reminisce nostalgic moments that happened at the places they grew up in. Alternatively, we’d be glad to run around the park with your toddler! This can always be done at a time of day where the weather isn’t hot and the whole family can enjoy some fresh air together.

 With our family portrait rates starting from RM480, there’s a package for every budget range. Just let us know what kind of photo session you prefer. Also, if you have any specific ideas for how you would like your family photos to look like, we are all ears! 

Life is extremely short and we encourage families to treasure every moment and remember them through photos. Preserve the memories of today for the generation of tomorrow.

Video Highlights

“From the beginning of my email to the end of the entire ordeal, you have never failed to portray what it means to be professional. Your service is truly commendable. We see nothing but a passionate soul behind that camera.”

Cheng Yee Lee