Frequently asked questions about
pre-weddings / engagement sessions

We have so many ideas! Who will decide on shoot locations?

We’re open to discussing any crazy, fun or wacky ideas you might have! In the past, we’ve done things like chasing the sunrise at a fishing village, dancing in the rain in the forest, or even climbing old forts. If you prefer something a little less adventurous, we can go to a park or beach nearby.

Alternatively, if you’d like to have a photo shoot out of Malaysia, we can arrange that. With flights becoming more competitive in rates, it isn’t really expensive to travel and do an exotic shoot overseas.

I need some tips on how to plan my pre-wedding shoot.

Not to worry! Once you make a booking, we’ll send you a questionnaire that has tips, questions for you to answer and suggestions on what to do!

Do you provide wedding gowns as well?

Though we don’t stitch wedding gowns ourselves (how we wish we had that skill!), we work closely with partners who are experts in their field of work. These gown designers are able to provide you with beautiful gowns for the photo shoot. Gowns are included in our Luxe Portrait Series. Contact us for a full list of details.

What about hair & make up services?

Yes, they are included in the Luxe or Classic Portrait Series.

Do you offer pre-wedding video or animation services as well?

Yes, we do! It can be a re-enactment of how you met, a behind the scenes video, or a new concept that is entirely different! If you are interested in 2D animation, we do offer those services too.