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If you’re looking for photos in the newborn phase (think sleepy, swaddled babies), the best time to do this would be within the first 14 days. Babies in this two-week window period tend to be smaller, enjoy being swaddled, and spend most of their time sleeping, thereby making them easier to mould into various positions used for newborn photography. We love taking photos of this precious new relationship between parent and child. Your baby is only tiny once, so make the most of this special window with a newborn portrait session.

“We had a really good time in the studio with Grace. It was my family’s first photoshoot and I was kinda worried it might be awkward because we are not used to being photographed but throughout the session, it was easy. Grace was really good with setting us up for the different shoots. We just got our photos and we love it! The pictures turned out even better than we imagined.”

Chia Li