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Abel Chow

As the youngest child, I have always been supported by my family. Even if I didn’t do well in my studies, my family would still give me the moral support and encouragement I needed. As I grew older, this mindset of supporting and helping people is now ingrained in me. Even if is just listening to someone talk for hours, I am all ears. When I was still a child, I saw my elder brother playing computer games at home which influenced me to use a computer daily. With today’s technology, the computer is so essential in our daily lives and I told myself that I would use the computer to help others in any way I can. Whether it is creating an emotional video with unforgettable memories in the hearts of people or the journey of someone’s life though photos or videos, watching people smile in front of the camera makes me smile as well. I am glad to be part of the Stories family where I get to edit & be exposed to lots of laughter through different kinds of moments that has happened and yet to happen in Stories.

We've been with Stories since our wedding and they've helped document most of the major milestones for our little family ever since. Grace and her team does a really wonderful job and their professionalism is unprecedented. It's always a pleasure having them photograph our events.

Soo Jin & Chee Ching