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Grace Tan

Hi, I’m Grace and I’m a lifestyle photographer, founder of Stories and life coach. I love telling stories visually, but especially so when it makes a difference in someone’s life. When my dad was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s the year I got married in 2006, I realised that images have the power to recall good times. He used to laugh and reminisce as he flipped through old photos in albums. Now, as a mom to two young kids, I realise that time passes us by so quickly and I just want to remember every single detail.

Years ago, I worked in the Malaysian film and television industry but discovered my passion in photography in 2006. In 2008, Stories Sdn Bhd (formerly Integricity Visuals Sdn Bhd) was formed to provide photography and video production services to businesses and individuals. I provide personal and commercial photography, video production services and coaching for individuals, families and entrepreneurs. I organize events and workshops related to marriage, parenting, achieving your dream life, photography and visual branding.

My approach to work has always been to tell a story. I believe images have the power to connect people, and help them remember happy moments in their lives. This is why I do what I do.

Other than running after my own children and other people’s children, I am also passionate about building strong marriages and advocating purposeful parenting through my other brand, Comma: Rethink Life. In 2020, I achieved two milestones – firstly, to be named as Canon EOS ambassador and secondly, getting certified as a coach under the International Coaching Federation (ICF), achieving my dream of becoming a life coach.

More of my work…

Get to know Grace

Shooting with Grace was an experience to remember. Her hilarious comments and clever posing will have you looking like an even better version of yourself (as well as in stitches from all the laughing) effortlessly. Any apprehension we had about looking weird or stiff on camera were unfounded once she started working her magic.

En Ruey & Jas Min

It didn't take us long to choose Grace as our photographer for our family photoshoot. We were so impressed with her skills in managing two families and two 6 months old babies! Most importantly, she delivered! The photos were so good that we purchased the whole lot. We love them!

Evan & Jasmine

Grace was very organized in getting the group combinations to flow from one to another but yet was so easygoing that even the posed family shots have a relaxed feel to them. She was also great with the babies!

Nicole & Tjun

Finding a wedding photographer is like looking for true love. You have to go through a few before finding the perfect one and when it happens... click! That’s how we felt when we met Grace. Through her lenses she captured not images but our emotions. Through the images, she told our story better than anyone could have.

Alvin & Melissa