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Jamie Ang

I ventured into photography in 2012 because I was drawn to the emotions that an image can incur in me. I’ll let you in on a little secret: I once was one of those girls who would gush over wedding-related blog posts. As funny as it may sound, it made me happy looking at beautiful photos of someone else’s wedding day and it always made me feel like I was there. However, instead of dreaming of becoming a bride, I dreamt of being the one behind the camera.

Being able to tell a story through photographs was to me, a huge privilege. I believe photographs have the power to bring you back to that moment in time, to relive those emotions you felt, and to share that experience with others. That is why I still am passionate about what I do.

More of my work…

    Get to know Jamie

    Jamie is so meticulous with her shots and she knows exactly what she wants to capture while making us feel comfortable. During the reception dinner, the Stories team was far from intrusive when taking the shots that our guests did not even realise their photos were being taken, which is exactly what we were asked for!

    Zaha & Rachel

    The Stories team was great, easy going, putting us at ease, adapting to the dynamics of the family and most importantly, we had fun!The photos taken by Jamie were beautiful and we keep good memories of this photo session.

    Nicholas & Sophie

    The moments were captured so beautifully by Grace and Jamie! They had a lot of great ideas and we had so much fun taking photos with our family, friends and even took a group photo! We received so many compliments on the photos and all our guests were impressed.

    Justin & Nicole

    We took our friendship/sisterhood picture with Jamie. We had a really great time and the pictures are so nice! We will definitely cherish the pictures and it's one of the best memory ever.

    Alice Su