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Sarah Lim

I love being able to use creative communication to inspire people – whether its through the written or spoken word, colours, visuals, and even dance. I find great satisfaction in knowing that there is purpose in what I do and I also love learning and trying new things. This constant curiosity has somehow led me to hold various roles in marketing communications, public relations, content writing, video production, and brand consulting throughout my career.

I first learnt how to take photos with my dad’s SLR as a teenager and slowly fell in love with the art of capturing people and great moments. Since then, photography has been a significant part of my life. It’s great to be part of a family that captures great memories for others, helping them treasure the most precious gifts in life – family and loved ones.

We are familiar with the great work of Stories as we have engaged them in a one of our previous life event. Having said that, we are still awe by the level of professionalism and commitment to capturing great moments of us and our family.

Carol Chee