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Stephen Ng

I started to have interest in photography when I was 13 and was one of the school’s photographers. I shot photos during school events for the school magazine. At the age of 17, I also developed a passion for filmmaking after watching some short films from YouTube. So I signed up for Broadcasting for my Bachelors degree. While at university, I experienced shooting multiple video productions such as short films, documentaries, indie feature film and multi-cam production.


I enjoy capturing moments where my subjects are expressive such as during a candid moment. I consider myself to be a visual storyteller. I like to tell stories through the lens of the camera as I believe photos are a powerful tool to communicate and express emotions. It also brings me joy whenever I shoot for people and when they are satisfied with the photos. I am glad to be part of Stories, working with people who share the same passion as me. With Stories, I will get to capture the special moments of our clients and deliver a story that they will want to cherish and remember.

The moments they captured were not only beautiful, it also gave us a glimpse of the many things/people we never get a chance to see/meet on our wedding day and it's something my husband & I will cherish for the rest of our lives.

Zaha & Rachel