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Chi Yin, Tan

Photography has always been my hobby since I was young. For me, it is just so magical that we can record every single moment in our life. Looking back at those photos or videos, they remind us about how precious it was just being together with one another. I enjoy doing it a lot, and feel a deep sense of satisfaction over the outcome.

After I graduated from my bachelor’s degree in Media, Communications & Culture, I joined the film production industry for a period of time. At that time, I was working as a production coordinator, which meant that I had to do more organisational work including communication, admin and paper work. However, my passion in photography and videography continued to burn.

In August 2014, I joined this company, starting as a videographer and video editor, while continuing to hone my photography skills. Eventually, in 2018, I switched my focus towards photography, which I really love doing now. In 2020, I was challenged to be more involved in strategy and business development. I am grateful that we are always encouraged to grow and keep on learning to strengthen ourselves with different skills in this company.

Meaningful projects inspire and motivate me. One of the exciting projects I had was to work with Disney. We created social media videos that challenged us to think out of the box and to be close with current trends. We also worked with Early Autism Project, where I learnt a lot of useful tips throughout the video shooting. For example, how to handle children when they throw a tantrum or ways to have positive reinforcements towards positive behaviours. Also, as a photographer, seeing families that return from time to time to get their little milestones captured, it warms my heart to see how the children grow and how is everybody is doing well. I am so happy to journey along with people in their important life events.

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Get to know Chi Yin

I would say I am a bridezilla and I have watched almost all the wedding videos I can find in the internet. We had high expectations on Stories but the video was way past our expectations. Delvin, Chi Yin and Choo Cherk did an amazing job by making everyone very comfortable and they worked really hard to capture every moment they can.

Tai Kuan & Pei Yee

Thank you so much for the amazing photos and video of our wedding. It's something we'll cherish for the rest of our lives and Calvin and I can't thank you enough for it. You guys have been absolutely fantastic. We highly recommend Stories and they are the most awesome team to work with.

Calvin & Queenie

Words cannot describe how pleased we are to have your team document our very special day. Engaging Stories was probably one of the best decisions that we made for our wedding. Andrew and I were so impressed with your portfolio that we were happy to leave our pre-wedding photos, actual day, and videography in your hands!

Andrew & Desiree