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Wedding Photography & Videography

Candid, natural and heartwarming – we want to create classic images that stand the test of time but will still tug at your heartstrings twenty years from now.


Our team of passionate photographers is well-versed with various wedding-related events such as actual day weddings, destination weddings, pre-wedding / engagement shoots and registration of marriages.

Our diverse team also has experience shooting weddings across races, religions and cultures! We have covered Akad Nikahs, Hindu ceremonies, Mehndi & Sangeet events during Sikh weddings, Christian ceremonies and even weddings in Bangladesh.


Your wedding coverage is not complete without videography. Videos capture those heart-felt vows that you promise to each other on your wedding day. It records the speech from your best man, and the sound of laughter from your aged parents. Everything you remember (or don’t!) from your wedding day is captured by our skilled videographers.

If you’d like to personalise your love story, we also offer the option of a dramatised pre-wedding film. It can incorporate interviews, reenactments of how the both of you met and other little things that make the both of you who you are.

Wedding Videography Highlights

Our Rates

Our engagement (pre-wedding) portrait photography rates start from RM1,700.
Full wedding day photography or videography coverage starts from RM5,500.

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Frequently asked questions about weddings

How do I book you as my wedding photographer?

Contact us via our website, Facebook message, WhatsApp or call. Our hardworking studio manager will respond to your enquiry within one business day. Then, let’s meet up for a chat over coffee to discuss your wedding plans! Our studio is in TTDI, KL. A 50% retainer fee is required to make a booking. You can pay via cash, cheque or credit card online. Once you sign our online contract, we’ll block your date on our calendar.

What if we need to brief you about details of our wedding day nearer to the date?

A few weeks before your wedding, you’ll be sent an online questionnaire. Help us get to know you better by filling it in as meticulously as you can manage! 1-2 weeks before your wedding, you’ll get to meet the team shooting your event. It’s a great time to iron our details and get to know each other. This can be done through a video call.

I love your work. Will you fly to my country to cover my wedding?

Yes, most definitely. We have shot many times abroad and our team is well-versed with what is needed for an overseas shoot.

We have done overseas engagement shoots and weddings (one of the most interesting was at Cappadocia, Turkey). Flights are not necessarily very expensive these days, especially with the abundance of low-cost carriers.

Do we need to prepare a meal for you during the wedding?

Wellll… we don’t eat much, and some food lining our tummies could help us take better photos. We prefer not to partake in your banquet, but would rather have a quick bite before the event. Hotels and restaurants are familiar with the vendors’ meal and can help you prepare it.

Can you do Same Day Photo Slideshows and / or Same Day Videos?

We offer Same Day Photo Slideshows as part of our package. If you have requested videography services and would like to have a Same Day Video shown at your wedding dinner, we can add that into the package for an additional fee.

For videography, we will attempt to record the audio from your event to the best of our capabilities. We usually tap into the venue’s sound system. However, there have been incidents where the audio output at the venue was distorted/too loud/soft. Sometimes there may be more than one sound system or the venue (eg. some churches) may not allow us to record from their audio system. Please do inform the relevant parties that we would like to record audio from their sound system.

We have a range of royalty free music that we use for slideshows and videos. These are non-mainstream songs and we’ll choose the songs for you according to our creative discretion. If you do have a particular music genre preference, just let us know so we understand your music style and can take that into consideration. We don’t usually ask for specific songs from our clients as their preference may not necessarily work well with the images / video clips that have been shot. But if you still prefer to use your own selection, please email us at least 3 options for us to choose the best song that suits the video / images.

Click on the button below to view the full list of FAQs or get in touch with us if you have any questions that we haven’t covered.

Albums & Prints

Make your photos come alive with our beautiful albums, canvases or prints!

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Kombi Rental

If you love old, vintage items, you’d love our resident Volkswagen Kombi, named Smurfette!
She is available for rental, and would love to transport your bridal party from one location to another.

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