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Jeff & Anne

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What a privilege to be involved in the same wedding as the world-renowned Jason Magbanua from the Philippines! It was Jason’s first wedding shoot in Malaysia. Anne is a school friend of mine but we haven’t seen each other in years! So it was really exciting to catch up with her recently when she contacted Wedding Story to do a special video for her and Jeff. The video is a series of questions that she and Jeff wrote, each not knowing what the other person wrote. They only discovered the answers on their wedding day when this video was played. We’re always excited when couples are willing to try out new ideas to make their wedding day memorable. Congratulations to the both of you!

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  • Anne (and Jeff) Moua says:

    Thank you, Grace, for sending us Choon Ean who did fabulous job with the surprise and Q&A videos. We enjoyed working with her very much and had a lot of fun during the recording sessions. These videos meant alot to us as it’s something that remind us why we love each other. And the surprise video montage is a special project as Jeff havent been able to go home to the States a lot and I know he misses his family and friends a lot. It really touched him when the images of his siblings and friends came on screen to wish him well. Thank you again for helping us to make our wedding memorable.

  • Jason says:

    Believe me Graec and Kee, the pleasure was all ours.

    I was editing the Same Day Edit and couldn’t help but glance at the screen – hmm, excellent composition and audio, very well put together, I wonder who did the video.

    Then the screen credits came up – weddingstory.my – very very familiar but I couldn’t pinpoint it just yet. I’m glad you called Kee and I was also thrilled you did the video.

    Sorry to Anne and Jeff, but here’s the truth, they were crying the whole time while your video was showing. They were right behind me. =)

    Hope to see you the next time we go to Malaysia!

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