Behind the Scenes: Amri & Daphne

By 17/05/2010 3 Comments

It’s almost a year since I shot Amri & Daphne’s wedding. Happy upcoming wedding anniversary, you two! Hope you are enjoying married life heaps and heaps!

I can’t believe how things have changed since one year ago. The way I shoot has evolved, and the way I look at light and posing has been refined.

During Amri & Daphne’s wedding, Kee Sitt was with me, and shot some behind the scenes shots of me at work. Somehow, I never had the time to edit it (and never did!). This video was edited by Shu Wan. Thank God for her, otherwise, it might take me another year or so to get this behind the scenes video up! I must say, it is really really difficult to see yourself on video – I get really self-critical… Why are you standing that way? Why is your hair so messy? Stop moving so much! What are you rambling about?

And so, in order to be completely honest with you, here’s me at work – silly quirks and all. Hope you’ll enjoy it!

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  • RM says:

    hey Grace.. love your top .. and love your ideas of shots such as the last shot with the lantern plus the couple… and of course i am certainly going to call u for my wedding shots :D

  • Wendy says:

    I like this behind the scenes- to get a better idea, great job Grace. Quite handy especially since we will be working with you soon!

  • Grace Tan says:

    Hey Wendy, glad you got a glimpse of what it’s like to shoot with me. :) Looking forward to our session together!

    RM: I love my top too! I can’t even remember now where I bought it. Thanks for the comment, and I’d love to get to know you and shoot your wedding!

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