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Wedding Do’s & Don’ts (as told by Grace Tan)

By 18/07/2011 7 Comments

Some time back, Abirami Durai, a writer for Faces magazine contacted me. She asked me if I was keen on contributing some tips for couples who are about to get married and if they could feature my wedding in the magazine. The first thought that came to me was… “My wedding? That was 5 years ago!”

I said yes.

I don’t claim to be a wedding expert. I can only share from my experiences – whether it was from planning my own wedding or from going through many weddings as a photographer. (by the way, the article said I’ve photographed hundreds of weddings… just to let you know that the numbers are more modest than that, maybe a hundred plus?).

If you are interested in getting a copy of this magazine, you can buy it from any normal bookstore. It’s the July / August 2011 issue.

Do let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment here and maybe you can share some tips of yours as well.

There isn’t any photographer credit mentioned for my wedding images featured below. I’d like to thank to Andy Lim, Joseph Siew and Yean Tai for these photos here!

Left image below: This is how the cover of the magazine looks like, in case you are wondering!
Right image below: In the magazine, there are other images photographed by the Stories team which are featured too. Bottom right corner images are photos taken during Kevin & Michelle’s wedding. The Bentley on page 106 was also photographed by us.

Image below: David & Risa’s wedding is also featured in this issue:

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