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Turning Older…

Another year has passed and I am older yet again. On my trip from Istanbul to Cappadocia I met 2 students (from Portugal & Italy) who are on holiday. They are amazed that I am 10 years older than they are. Hahaha… good thing I still have my ‘youthful’ looks. Birthdays are not so special anymore as you get older… in fact, I had to calculate my age as I could not remember how old I was turning!

My clients in Turkey, Edwin and Dawn, were so sweet and bought me a chestnut cake. It was delicious! And the best thing was that we managed to share it with all the people traveling on the public bus we were on. Tonight, we will be going to a local restaurant, and hopefully I get to try the famous clay jar meal in Cappadocia!

I am reminded of this phrase today, quoted by Steve Jobs… “Live every day as it is your last, for one day, you will be right.”

It’s a reminder to me that life is so temporal. Yes, I am celebrating life today, but who knows what tomorrow will hold for me. If I am spending my life doing things that I do not believe in, then one day, I will surely regret it. I need to live each day with the conviction that what I am doing is eternal, and that it is leaving a legacy. I believe in living life to the fullest… but not alone. I am grateful to have Alex and my family and friends with me as I walk this journey of life. But most importantly, I have God by my side.