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Hola! Barcelona 2013

My first love has always been travel. I love creating images as I wander the streets, looking at life through my lens. When I travel, I like the idea of going off the beaten track, looking into the side lanes, hoping to glimpse something different. Honestly, I don’t really enjoy taking photos of buildings, but I get really excited when people are added to the equation. It makes me wonder… what are they thinking of at this moment? What are they doing, where are they going?

I came to Barcelona with my family to celebrate my brother’s 50th birthday. It was really wonderful being with family and his friends, just spending 2 weeks away from work for a while. I hope to rejuvenate and get some new inspiration as I travel. Currently, I am in Morocco, which is an amazing country, full of surprises every corner. More on that later… but for now, here are some shots from my travel in Barcelona.





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Portraits in Spain and Morocco!


This October, I will be traveling to Barcelona, Marrakesh and also Madrid for a short family holiday…celebrating my brother’s 50th birthday! It’ll be the first time I’m traveling such a long distance with my daughter Krysta so I hope that she won’t be fussy through out the trip. But I have awesome family members around me whom I can count on to babysit Krysta when necessary.

So… let’s take this opportunity to do some portraits, shall we? It can be a family shoot, a casual engagement shoot or a full on pre-wedding shoot with a beautiful white gown. If you are staying in Malaysia, I know that MAS and BA has a promotion right now (it lasts for a week from this date!). I booked my return flight for only RM2,700 through my travel agent. Perhaps you might be staying in London… it’s not that far a distance to Spain, right? *grin*

Do contact us for more details on our packages. Hope to see you there!