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berjaya times square

Wedding Video Highlight: Ching Siang & Stephanie

They see each other as opposites, but with differences that naturally complement each other. Stephanie laughs a lot and is really expressive. Ching Siang on the other hand, claims to have lips that are way too small which means that he can’t laugh as loudly as Stephanie. He’s a perfectionist, a thinker… but… someone who is always late (which irritates Stephanie who’s a really punctual person). Good thing for Ching Siang – he was on time on his wedding day!

Their story began while they were in primary school… they were classmates for 6 years and she being the basketball team player… soon caught Ching Siang’s attention. He was an unknown geeky guy sitting in the corner in class (with big fat glasses too!), just noticing her from afar. Years later, they met again in Melbourne, and that’s when they began to get to know each other a lot better.

The proposal happened on top of a hot air balloon overlooking the city of Melbourne witnessed by a basketful of strangers. It was successful, because within a second of his proposal, she nodded enthusiastically!

Ching Siang and Stephanie, thank you for giving us the opportunity to record your story! :)


Videographers: Stories (King, Lester & Felicia)
Dinner Reception: Berjaya Times Square Hotel
Wedding & Evening Gown: I am a Bride
Groom’s Attire: Sparksmanshop
Make up & Hair: Jane Lee
Flowers: Wishing Tree
Photography: Jon Low
Dinner Entertainment: Queenie Chan (emcee) & Aurora Live Band