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City Lights: Allan & Bridget’s Pre-Wedding

What struck me most about Bridget was her laugh. And her smile. She had this ear-to-ear grin and laugh that was so infectious… so much so that it made me want to laugh along with her. If I could describe her in another way, she’s like this bubbly, happy Energizer bunny that bounces everywhere spreading cheer to everyone. I can see why Allan was attracted to Bridget. Just like magnets, his character was the opposite of Bridget’s. Though you can tell that he loves having fun, he’s a lot more calm, just like an anchor for Bridget.

For this shoot, we wandered the streets of Putrajaya and photographed from sunset till the night lights came on. Bridget had wanted some night shots, and so the bridges of Putrajaya with its colourful lights seemed like the perfect setting for their shoot. It had rained a little prior to our shoot, but as with most of my couples, a little rain doesn’t deter them from continuing the shoot… even sitting on the ground in their gown!



“Hi Grace! I saw the pics yesterday, it is exactly what Allan and I expected. We love all the pics. We showed the video to my future mother-in-law, and she commented that she had never seen any couple as happy as us. You did a great job! Thanks for making our pre-wedding shoot so memorable” – Bridget –

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