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A new phase of life for my firstborn

Just like every other parent I know, there are some moments in life that are just etched in your mind forever. Like that first cry your child made at the hospital which made you cry too. That moment she took her first few steps, or when she babbled those semi-incoherent words that you swore meant something. Lately, I’ve been feeling a little emotional too, as my 5+ year old is now about to leave preschool and head on to her first year in primary.

First day at preschool

It felt like just a few blinks ago when she stepped into preschool, all scared and tiny. Being a December baby, she was just 2 years and 1 month when she joined the 3 year old class in January. She blossomed from a timid girl to a confident and intelligent child. In fact, going into year 1, she is not fearful at all, but really more excited than the nervous wreck I am!

Packing up on her last day at preschool, just after her Merdeka party

I just want to cuddle her close to me, never wanting this baby to grow up. But she has, and she will continue to do so…growing more and more independent as a person. It’s hard to verbalise this feeling, so bittersweet. So proud of her, and yet this tinge of sadness that her baby years are ending faster than I am willing to acknowledge. Soon, I’ll have a teenager with acne and boyfriend problems and then the day will come when her dad will have to walk her down the aisle to the man she loves.

But for now, I’ll just cherish these memories and be brought back through time with captured moments.

Gearing up for Year 1 on orientation day

Sheridan & Yulia

Often times, clients would come to us asking for a personalized video – perhaps explaining their love story, sharing their childhood stories or simply, why they love each other. We absolutely love to come up with ideas for our clients, especially when it involves doing it in new, fun and creative ways! Sheridan and Yulia wanted to have a photo montage of their childhood photos, but done in a fun way with captions and animation. Since it was a coming together of 2 cultures – Russian & Malay, we combined different types of elements to make the video interesting.

This creation was animated by our latest addition to the Wedding Story team – Shu Wan! She can bring graphics and visuals to life through her animation. Enjoy the slideshow! Click play and then pause so that the video will play smoothly.

[flv:sheridanyulia.flv sheridanyulia.jpg 600 480]

Andre & Savitha

This has got to be the wedding of the year. The wedding celebrations took place over a few days and at various locations – including India and Malaysia. I got to know Dato’ Ravi Dharan through Jeffri Lim from Sunflower Paper Products (they have a shop at the Curve). Dato’ Ravi wanted to create a surprise video for his lovely daughter Savitha. Together with his wife, Latha, they organized Savitha’s childhood photos and after a few meetings, the Wedding Story team went over to Dato’ Ravi’s home to secretly interview him without his daughter’s knowledge.

I can tell from my encounters with Dato’ Ravi and Latha, that truly, Savitha is the limelight of their lives. The wedding at the Palace of the Golden Horses was so grand – they had the Hindu ceremony on the lake witnessed by guests through live video feed in the Grand Marquee. A few days later, a black tie dinner took place at the Imperial Hotel, where this video was played to an audience like Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim and ex-President of Indonesia – Abdurrahman Wahid (Gus Dur).

Congratulations, Andre and Savitha, I wish you all the best in your marriage and am so glad that you enjoyed watching this specially crafted video.

[flv:savitha.flv savitha.jpg 600 480]