Draw, Pray, Love: The Art-filled Wedding of Ian & Vinn

Ian and Vinn’s wedding was one brimming with creativity. After all, Vinn is a fine art artist, with a degree in film and animation, and Ian himself appreciates art and photography. Vinn DIY-ed almost everything in her wedding. She even painted the huge backdrop at her wedding… 2 large painted canvases combined together to make a beautiful backdrop. Her paint was displayed next to the backdrop, and guests were invited to sign on her pre-painted big canvas guestbook.

The doorgifts were soaps with lemon grass oil that she handmade, and all the photo booth props, invitation cards were also designed by her! (including hand made wedding seals!). Wow, I was so amazed.

Their theme, Draw, Pray, Love with a hint of rustic, vintage feel and french blue, gold, beige and cream colour tones felt so apt for this creative couple. During the dinner, the cast of the SIBKL musical, Everworld did an amazing performance and entertained all the guests. Unfortunately, we could not feature every performance in this highlight as there were way too many of them.

Ian & Vinn, I hope you like this video that Felicia edited… we spent many days in the edit room, deciding what to include and what not to! There were just so much to show from your wedding. But I am sure you’ll have fun reliving the day when you receive the rest of the edited compiled footage from us. Congratulations from the Stories team!

Ian & Vinn’s Story

I met Ian at the age of 19, at a lobby of a building. He was 26. I was by myself, drawing on the couch, when he approached me and started talking to me. I thought, he has a strange British accent, but looks Asian! Anyhow, we had a great chat and before I left, Ian handed me his name card.

Yup I didn’t leave him my contact (I was a little cool towards him!) but I was the one who texted him first, and that’s how our love story began!

We got together speedily on the second date after two months. 8 years of courtship, and now we are married!

Ian is the greatest gift from God and the greatest gift from Ian is bringing me to know God. He is smart, lovely, gentle, kind and romantic (although he denies this) but at least in my heart he is. He always surprises me- from beautiful candlelight dinners (he made me the most delicious tiramisu!) to surprise vacations as a birthday present (I later found out after I boarded the plane! And I thought it was a working trip!).

The proposal happened last year. It was Valentine’s Day, but my father was admitted to hospital so we stayed up late which messed up his plans, so he didn’t get to cook me dinner but we still managed to buy some food and had a candlelight dinner at his house. I couldn’t hold back my tears after i got my ‘Valentine’ gift which was a ring…there’s no one there except the two of us, but I got too excited and I popped the question before he even opened his mouth. HAHA!

We’ve been through so much together… poor or rich, sick or healthy…we had the best times together. Ian definitely knows me better than I know myself. He is not just my mentor and my support, he is my best friend.


Videographers: Stories team (Nick, Yih Wen & Felicia)
Location: Holiday Villa 
Make Up & Decorations: Bride’s own
Dinner Entertainment: Everworld, the musical cast & thoughtful friends

New Creative Ideas for Wedding Cards

Kelvin and Cathryn are 2 really creative people. Kelvin is a talented musician and heads One Accord Sdn Bhd as the 1a.m. director. 1a.m has come up with a few albums and their style of music is contemporary and fun with meaningful lyrics. Cathryn is a pastor at Eagle Point Covenant Fellowship (ECF). In quite a number of weddings, I have seen Pastor Cat officiating the wedding, or saying grace before meals. But this time, it’s her turn to be married, and walk down the aisle! So Wedding Story is really excited to be a part of such a special wedding this 14th of March 09. We will be filming and photographing this momentous occasion.

It comes with no surprise then, having 2 such creative people come up with an equally interesting wedding invite! Their wedding theme is about God’s grace, and the invite resembles a movie poster.

Photo credit: Benjamin Foong, Direction: Kareem Koh

As it says on the card (the pic is a bit small):
On the outside, it looks like things are falling apart. On the inside, where God is making new life, not a day goes by without His unfolding grace.

We will be doing a special interview with them soon to incorporate their life story into their wedding video. We love new creative ideas! If you are an engaged couple, come talk to us about your ideas and we are excited to turn it into a reality. Don’t just settle for the normal ways of doing things. Why not create an entire movie campaign for your wedding? Want to create a poster like this? Let’s talk about it!