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cox’s bazar

Samiul & Azrin’s Portraits: Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh

Before we post the highlights of Samiul and Azrin’s wedding day, I’d like to share some portraits taken after the wedding at Cox’s Bazar in Bangladesh. We had to fly there from Dhaka, and I was quite nervous about the shoot, as I had to do it alone for the very first time. To add to the challenge, I found out on that day itself that my aunt had passed away in Malaysia, and I couldn’t be with my family since I was really far away.

Despite all of that, I had to focus and put my worries aside as I had a job to complete. But halfway through the shoot, I accidentally stepped on a thorny plant and cut the sole of my foot while shooting. It was painful but I endured it all. Lesson learnt: Wear slippers, even if it’s on the beach!

Samiul and Azrin, thank you for being so caring and concerned for me. I am glad you like the photos that we’ve been sharing so far!

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