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Devrent valley

It’s snowing in Cappadocia!

My toes and fingers felt as if they were frozen… and I was already wearing socks and gloves. What a contrast to the hot, humid beach weddings of Langkawi, Malaysia. The moment I stepped into the town of Cappadocia, Turkey, I felt as if I was transported back a few hundred years. If you haven’t traveled to Turkey before, do make this location a must-see place on your list! Some of the places you must see – the fairy chimneys of Pasabag, Devrent valley, Uchisar, Goreme open air museum, and Derinkuyu underground city. Today’s our last day of shoot, and then we’re going to be relaxing, enjoying a hammam, and doing some shopping before heading home for sunny Malaysia! Here are some teaser images from Cappadocia…

Since Alex and I don’t really want to miss out on the action, here’s a silly shot of us as well!