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Love Tattooed: Bobby & Elmira’s Pre-Wedding

Photographer: Grace
Location: FRIM, Malaysia & St James Tattoo
Hair & Make Up: Charlie from Michelle Touche team
Wedding Gown: Pretty in White

It was the love of tattoos that brought them together. Ever since young, Bobby loved drawing, and he always had a fascination for the world of tattoos. When he was 15, he tattooed his own hand at school while the teacher was droning on in front… he did it with the ink from his pen and a basic needle. Soon, his passion for drawing led him to mastering the art of tattooing. Some years later, Bobby met Elmira in Miri, where she was working at Bobby’s friend’s tattoo shop. One thing led to another, and eventually, romance developed.

Now, Bobby runs his own tattoo shop in Kota Damansara and Elmira helps him out at the shop. For someone whose name card says, “You suck if you are not tattooed”, he’s really a nice, chatty and friendly guy. :) I must say, his drawings are really amazing.

As for Elmira, despite the tough girl exterior in the shot below, she’s really a gentle and sweet girl.

All the best to the both of you for the future! Now if I ever muster the guts to get a tattoo, I’ll know where to go!

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