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Wedding at Mandarin Oriental: Shawn & Joyce

The Football Connection… by Shawn

I first knew of Joyce’s existence when we were way back in our teens. We used to attend the same church and I notice how she didn’t seem to follow the crowd or hang out with the rest of the kids her age.

For some reason I found her independence and individuality appealing and told myself it would be cool to get to know her but we were way too young and I hadn’t learnt enough moves to win over the ladies over yet so I left it at that. Joyce eventually moved to Australia to pursue her studies and I only ever saw her when she came down to visit family during semester breaks.

Then there was the creation of FaceBook. I was a little bit of a late bloomer with this social networking site and it was not till my university days did I actually had a Facebook account. This was also how I came about finding how big a football fan Joyce was. She wasn’t just a football fan that many girls are these days. She didn’t support a team because there was a good looking player in there or because it was just a famous team. She actually knew all about the history of the club she supported. She knew more football than most of my guy friends put together. I was pretty much sold there and then.

20140301_WEDDING_SHAWN_JOYCE_0864Joyce says:

We may have opposite personalities but we have a lot of common interests and that’s what brought us together, our joint love for football and FC Barcelona. His energetic personality definitely brings me out of my shell and I am the calming influence that keeps him down to earth. We frequently wake up to watch football together and will have long whatsapp chats with each other during matches when we are apart. We have a no holds barred, transparent relationship. We both have different outlooks in life and often find ourselves throwing opinions at each other during a heated discussion. We don’t consider that arguing, just a competition on who is better at convincing the other.

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