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Wedding Video Highlight: Alex & Nicole

Love Across the Globe by Nicole

Alex and I met during our internship in KL over summer 2009. Contrary to what you’d expect, we did not hit it off immediately. Subsequently we went back to Australia to complete our final semester in our undergraduate studies. He was studying in Canberra, whereas I was in the Sunshine State. What started with an innocent “Hey, it’s been ages, how have you been?” on Facebook (initiated by me *shy*), led to long hours chatting on MSN.

Little did we know, distance would be a constant factor for us. Alex is from Miri whereas I am a KL girl; and he is now working in the South Pacific. When we were studying in Australia, like any lovestruck kids who dot their i’s with hearts and celebrate an anniversary every month, one of us would commute 595 air miles to be with the other every 10 days or so. In between our fortnightly rendezvous, we constantly wrote to each other. Yes, those were the good ol’ days where “you’ve got mail” was in tangible form.

Alex, well, he’s got a head for numbers, and he’s very analytical. Who on earth keeps an IQ puzzle book by his bed anyways? It comes as no surprise that Alex is always deep in thought and may appear to be reserved. Do ask him, “What’s the probability of the sun rising?” FYI, Alex graduated with an Actuarial degree; his best friends in university were Mathematics, Calculus and Probability. I, on the other hand, am right-brain dominant. You may call me Miss Scatterbrain. I tend to think or shift from one thought to another so fast that I confuse the person I am speaking to. Although that sometimes gets to Alex, I have to give it to him, he reads me like a book. Sometimes, I find the most ordinary and common things to be extraordinarily funny, which really puzzles Alex. But I’d like to think that I enjoy the lighter side of life. Another point in my favour- I am definitely better at reading maps and navigating my way around; Alex would be hopeless without me in that respect!

Despite our difference, Alex and I balance each other out. Alex is the anchor that keeps me on the ground, while I lighten up his heart.

The Wedding Shoot

The videography team from Stories traveled to Miri, Sarawak for Alex and Nicole’s wedding day. It was the first time our team had shot in Miri! The day started bright and early at 6am. What was special about the day were the heartfelt messages that were exchanged between Alex and Nicole on their wedding day, and also the notes on embroidered handkerchiefs that Nicole wrote to her parents. We also love the little details that went into the wedding, like the badges Alex had to wear as he went through the challenges to get his bride.


Videographers & SDE: Stories.my (Joshua, Nick & Carl)
Photographers: Kid Chan Studio
Dinner Reception: Imperial Hotel, Miri, Sarawak
Wedding Gown: Lasposa Bridal Gallery
Groom’s Attire: Louis Vuitton, Tiffany & Co., Mohan Executive Tailor
Make-up: Michelle Song, Perfect Stage Make Up Miri
Bridal Bouquet: Wishing Tree