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Our Studio in SStwo Mall, PJ

This week has been an exciting one for me. Other than trying to sort out the details for the upcoming Bloom Workshops that’s happening this 10th and 11th March, photographing local celebrities like Cheryl Samad, Datin Umie Aida, Low Ngai Yuen amongst others for International Women’s Day, I am also finalizing all the details for the renovations of our little studio in SStwo Mall.

The structure is almost complete. Today, we have our lighting installed! I still have to get some curtains and furniture to make it more complete. As you can see, our spiral staircase doesn’t even have steps yet. But it’s all good! Once everything is done up, I’d love to invite all of you for a visit and I will make some coffee for you here and we can have a nice chat. With the launch of the studio, we’ll also be having some promotions, so keep a look out for it!